Kate Beckinsale Keeps Her Fitness Game Strong with Goat Yoga

Kate Beckinsale loves to stay fit with yoga (Image via Instagram)
Kate Beckinsale loves to stay fit with yoga (Image via Instagram)

Like all celebrities, Kate Beckinsale loves to keep fit by doing different kinds of fitness activities rather than one. It makes sense too: nobody would be able to stick to only one kind of fitness activity if you have to stay fit all the time.

Most celebrities nowadays add some form of yoga to their fitness routine. Whether it's one day or three a week, celebs love their yoga, and rightly so. It's one of the best ways to get the muscles buzzing in a gentle yet challenging way.

Kate Beckinsale is no different. While she has always been a fan of yoga, she was spotted enjoying goat yoga.


How Does Kate Beckinsale Stay Fit?

Kate Beckinsale is quite serious about her workout and diet. She has to be, as it is what helps her keep in such fabulous shape. She generally includes cardio workouts, resistance band workouts, weights, and compound exercises to her exercise regime.

She's also disciplined with her meals, making sure to have ample protein and fiber in her meals. Beckinsale also includes yoga in her fitness routine as a way of relaxing, stretching her muscles, and getting in some flexibility moves.

Earlier this summer, Beckinsale shared photos on Instagram of herself doing yoga moves outside with one of her cats, Clive, in what appeared to be an online class. This spring, she also shared an ab workout video in which she practiced crunches while suspended from a ceiling ladder.

Kate Beckinsale and Goat Yoga

The English actress recently shared photos and videos of herself participating in a goat yoga class on Instagram.

One is a group shot in which a camel and a white goat flaunt their fashionable orange collar for the camera. There's also a video of several goats weaving their way through a group of yogis performing the reverse warrior pose. While a goat walks back and forth across their backs, the exercisers move into the downward dog for another video.

There's also a video of Kate Beckinsale feeding a goat a treat right out of her mouth. The actress is clearly smitten with the cutely adorable goats.


Benefits of Goat Yoga

Yoga is a popular form of fitness that's extremely beneficial to health. Regular yoga practice can significantly improve heart health, strength, flexibility, balance, mood, and sleep patterns. Yoga especially serves well for relieving stress, muscle tension, and nervous tension. It can also help relieve chronic pains in various body parts.

Goat yoga basically involves people performing yoga along with goats. Goats are cute, funny, and loving creatures to interact with. Bringing goats to your yoga session means lots of smiles, laughter, snuggles, and cuddles.

Goat yoga is especially recommended for people suffering from illnesses like cancer, depression, and anxiety. The silliness and fun are simply contagious, and goats jumping in and around people doing yoga generate a lot of happiness in every class. Goat yoga is a fabulous, enjoyable, and healthy trend that's still going strong.

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