Linda Hamilton’s Diet and Workout Routine for Terminator: Dark Fate

Linda Hamilton trained hard and ate no carbs for a year to prepare for her role. (Image via Instagram @terminator / @carmenzbrown )
Linda Hamilton trained hard and ate no carbs for a year to prepare for her role. (Image via Instagram @terminator / @carmenzbrown )

In 1991, Linda Hamilton starred in the movie 'Terminator 2: Judgment Day' alongside ex-bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger.

In the movie, she played Sarah Connor, a woman with strength and fitness that was impressive at that time. The Terminator was a first of its kind film that blew audiences away and catapulted director James Cameron into a superstar. It spawned a sequel in 1991 - Terminator 2: Judgment Day - which is considered to be the best of the franchise.

Her portrayal of Sarah Connor in the Terminator films has made 'Linda Hamilton arms' a pop culture reference. Hamilton is now reprising the role of Connor in the new movie 'Terminator: Dark Fate'. At 63, she has had more time to prepare for this role than she did when she starred in Judgment Day.

Here's a look at how Hamilton's workout routine has changed in the last three decades:

Linda Hamilton's Workout Routine

Linda Hamilton has said that she went on a one-year comprehensive training programme for her role as Sarah Connor in the new Terminator film.

For the first three months of her training, she worked out six days a week. She did two hours of circuit-training exercises.

She then trained her core muscles by doing exercises on a stability ball, steady-state cardio exercises on an elliptical machine, and power training with a medicine ball. She also did special exercises to prevent injuries, based on her bio-mechanical analysis.

Hamilton had two morning and afternoon sessions on the elliptical machine - each lasting 45 minutes - in the final nine months before the movie. Her training became more functional to the role she was playing in the film.

The training she did was different than when she was younger, because when women get older, it gets hard to work out.

Linda Hamilton's Diet

To prepare for her role as Sarah Connor in Dark Fate, Hamilton removed carbs from her diet. As actors, you always have to give up something for movie roles, but for an actress of an age like Hamilton's, things were different

For lunch and dinner, she typically had egg whites, vegetables, berries, and low-fat yogurt. She also incorporated lots of healthy fats into her diet, including avocado and nuts.


While the physical preparation for her return to the classic character is as hard as can be expected, it’s safe to say that Linda Hamilton is proud of her journey. Her daily diet and workout routine are a great example of how to get fit and stay in shape. Her approach is practical, straightforward, and easy-to-follow.

She relied on her discipline and determination to work through any physical challenges that came with a role that was physically demanding. She has been busy filming since the beginning of the year. Her approach is also bolstered by a rigorous diet, which she says, 'doesn’t make me feel deprived, but very nourished'.

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