5 best standing desk treadmills for working in 2022

New way of working out in 2022 with standing desk treadmill (Image courtesy-Pexels)
New way of working out in 2022 with standing desk treadmill (Image courtesy-Pexels)

With many jobs across the world going remote, attending zoom calls at a click, scrolling through 20 different reels & tik tok, and not hitting 10k steps daily is a never-ending vicious cycle.

Standing desk treadmills can put an end to this. Not only would you be working out at home, but you can attend your zoom calls and meetings at the same time. With the astonishing health benefits that you can get from exercise, why not use technology to get yourself out of your chair and get on the move?

My hips/knees have been feeling very stiff lately because I spend almost all day, every day sitting at my desk. I decided it was time to upgrade my office setup to a standing desk + treadmill and I have zero regrets. Big recommend.

It feels like you're standing (which is probably better for your back) while you burn off some calories and increase your productivity by hiking that heart rate.

Working in an office can be highly sedentary, with many employees spending the majority of their time sitting at a desk. With new studies supporting the connection between sitting and poor health outcomes, we can see that standing desks have quickly become a must-have piece of equipment for any office or workspace.

Finding the best standing desk treadmill can be tough. That's because there are less than a dozen that come with both in one.

But we've managed to find five options for you, just for that reason. Here is our list of top-rated standing desk treadmills to work out in 2022.

1.GoPlus - 2 in 1 Folding Desk

GoPlus 2 in 1 Folding Treadmill
GoPlus 2 in 1 Folding Treadmill

GoPlus is easy to assemble and includes a built-in speaker for streaming your favorite music, a place to hold your phone, and remote control for adjusting speed. It folds up for moving and storing.

If you are looking to start with a cheaper standing desk treadmill then this will cost you under $500 or so.

2. Funmily - Folding Desk laptop

Folding treadmill with large desktop space included
Folding treadmill with large desktop space included

If you want a desk with a built-in tablet holder, two cup holders, and space for your laptop, then this is your go-to standing desk treadmill. It also includes bluetooth speakers that can be paired with your phone and a folding treadmill that displays your distance, time, speed, and calories burned.

3. P1 Smart Desk Treadmill

Super sleek treadmill and extremely compact
Super sleek treadmill and extremely compact

If you're searching for a compact standing desk treadmill that can easily fit into a small space after the workday is over, the P1 Smart Desk Treadmill might be the perfect option for you. Not only does it allow for speeds of up to 4 miles per hour, but it also features a sturdy stainless steel frame. Its ultra-quiet motor is ideal for an office environment.

4. Umay Treadmill

Portable treadmill with foldable wheels
Portable treadmill with foldable wheels

This single-person under-the-desk mini treadmill has a built-in handle, wheels for easy transport and storage, and supports weights up to 198 pounds. It reaches speeds of up to 4 miles per hour and comes with a remote control.

5. Inmovement Treadmill Desk

Commercial grade treadmill with a silent motor - Perfect for office workspace
Commercial grade treadmill with a silent motor - Perfect for office workspace

The InMovement Unsit is a hybrid of treadmill and standing desk. It's ideal for the office, or a home office where you might want to stand and walk while working. The treadmill is commercial-grade, so it's sturdy, quiet, and solid. Plus, it has a unique design—it looks modern and minimalist while still being made with quality materials that will last you years.

Benefits of getting a standing desk treadmill

Exercise has also been shown to increase the production of neurochemicals and the number of neurons in the brain, which improves memory and thinking abilities.

This standing desk + mini treadmill is life changing Walked 4 miles today and 3 yesterday while editing videos and felt way more productive10/10

Additionally, you get plenty of other benefits, such as-

• Aids in increasing productivity and paying attention to detail

• Relieves stress

• Increases circulation

• Lowers the risk of heart disease and diabetes

• Enhances creativity

The best way to get started with the workout, even if you are at home, is to just do it. So, put up your standing desk treadmill, start walking, and watch your mood improve, your calorie count decrease, and the quality of your job improve.

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