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The Ultimate Soup Diet For 7 days

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Soup diet

A soup diet is not only a great diet for losing fat but also for getting your daily dose of essential nutrients. Having a diet of around 1400 calories should aid you in reducing your weight by around 1kg. The low-calorie content of soups goes a long way in reducing the weight.

However, do not replace your daily balanced diet with the soup diet. It is not advisable to use the soup diet for longer durations as it is only a means to jump start on your weight loss program. Shift to a more sustainable weight loss program after a week of soup diet.

A closer look a the soup:

Ensure that the soup is filled with veggie including carrots, tomatoes, onions and beans. You could also add other vegetables to taste but always use foods that are not calorie-dense. If you are looking to top it up with a stew, keep in mind to have a non-fat version of it to meet your weight reduction goals.

Now, let us not wait any longer and dive into the details of the seven-day soup diet. 

Day 1 - 1348 calories

Breakfast - 374 calories

Start the day with a bowl of cooked oatmeal. Top it up with a glass of milk and an apple.

Lunch - 370 calories

Have two bowls of tomato soup along with a bowl of quinoa.


Snack - 226 calories

Have a glass of cranberry juice and a large apple.

Dinner - 378 calories

Finish the day with a cup of boiled lentils and two bowls of tomato soup.

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