What is Dacre Montgomery’s Diet and Workout Routine to Help Him Get in Shape for His Role in Stranger Things?

Montgomery took up nighttime boxing classes to cut weight and build muscle for his role in stranger things. (Image via IG @dacremontgomery)
Montgomery took up nighttime boxing classes to cut weight and build muscle for his role in stranger things. (Image via IG @dacremontgomery)
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If you’re familiar with Dacre Montgomery, you already know that he’s a multi-talented actor who portrays the role of 'Billy Hargrove' in the Netflix series Stranger Things. Montgomery’s diet and workout routine are no longer a secret, and it just might be the key to unlocking your own fitness potential.

Whether he’s running lines or filming scenes or simply sitting on the couch, the former “Power Rangers” star is in this top shape. That’s no accident either. Hitting the pavement is just one of the ways Montgomery physically prepares for his roles.

Dacre Montgomery's Workout Routine

Dacre Montgomery has developed a workout routine that gives him a muscular physique. His workout routine consists of light weights, high reps, static holds, boxing exercises and resistance bands.

When it comes to straightforward weightlifting, most modern workouts focus on building strength or endurance.

Lifting heavy weights at low reps increases strength, while lifting low weights at high reps increases endurance. Montgomery’s approach was different: He focused on endurance, lifting low weights at high reps to burn fat and achieve a more toned appearance.

To prepare for his role in Stranger Things, Montgomery took up night-time boxing classes to cut weight and build muscle. He loved the stress relief and sense of accomplishment he experienced while working out.

Montgomery uses resistance bands to work his upper body. He mixes light weights with high repetitions, static holds and moves with little rest between sets.

Dacre Montgomery's Diet

To portray Billy Hargrove in “Stranger Things”, Montgomery concentrated on building muscle rather than gaining massive amounts of weight. Nevertheless, he still put on some mass for the role.

Dacre Montgomery's diet plan includes foods with high carbohydrates and protein. When he isn't preparing for Stranger Things, he eats foods that are common in carbs and high in protein.

Although he needs to bulk up and get muscular, he starts eating food with high carbs and high protein. Montgomery also drinks nearly two gallons of water every day to stay hydrated and healthy.

Here is a diet plan of Dacre Montgomery:

For breakfast he eats oats, eggs, toast and coffee.

Snacks: Protein shake, Almonds/ Lunch Meal: Chicken or fish, Rice, Veggies. Snack Two: Almonds, Fruits/ Dinner Meal: Steak, Salad & Rice.

His diet is built around lean meats, fish, eggs and chicken breast. He avoids alcohol and junk food, knowing they make him feel sluggish. Pairing a great diet with his intense workout sessions, he built muscles and burned fat.


Dacre Montgomery’s body is not naturally good looking. He has to put in a lot of effort to keep himself muscular, lean and fit. People who are inspired by him should do proper exercise to keep their body in proper shape.

His food diet involves vegetables as well as chicken and lots of homemade stuff. He frequents gym for workouts. That played a role in making his body perfect for the character he played in “Stranger Things”.

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