What is Yoga Ball? 6 Yoga Ball Exercises for Toned Core

Best yoga ball exercises for core strength. (Image via Unsplash/Photo by @mrleecanburn)
Best yoga ball exercises for core strength. (Image via Unsplash/Photo by @mrleecanburn)
Shuvangi Sen Chaudhury

Yoga ball exercises should be a part of your core workout routine if you have access to one. Usually, every fitness establishment has at least one fitness or yoga ball.

So, let's discuss what yoga ball exercises are, which you can do to get a stronger core.

What is a Yoga Ball?

A yoga ball or fitness ball is a fitness aid that's shaped like a ball and is made of soft elastic. It’s filled with air and can support quite a bit of weight.

These balls come in various sizes and can take on varying amounts of weight. It’s better to understand what weight a ball can support before using it.

Yoga Ball Exercises for Stronger Core

The primary reason why doing ab exercises on a yoga ball is good for your core muscles is because abdominal muscles engage more when exercises are done on an unstable surface.


On that note, here's a look at the six best yoga ball exercises to build a strong core:

1) Stability Crunch

This is the most common form of yoga ball exercise. You need to put your back on the ball, and your feet must be firmly on the ground. Find a position where you’re not leaning back or your neck isn’t hanging backwards, and you’re not too much towards the front either.

When you do crunches, ensure to pull from your core muscles and not push yourself upwards from your neck.

2) Ball Tuck

Ball tucks require you to have your toes on the fitness ball and arms on the floor. Ideally, you should be in a shoulder plank position. Keeping your back and hips as stable as possible, pull your toes towards yourself using your core muscles.


When you first begin, you can keep your toes towards the middle of the ball so that when you roll forward, your toes continue to remain on the ball.

3) Forearm Plank

One of the most interesting yoga ball exercises are forearm planks. To do this exercise, you need to position yourself by keeping your forearms on the yoga ball, and move to a plank position.

Move your forearm around while keeping it stable to constantly engage the core muscles. The entire pressure should be on the abdominal muscles at all times.


4) Bicycle Crunch

In bicycle crunches, you take up the same position as you do for classic crunches. For this exercise, begin doing bicycle crunches, where you take your right elbow towards your left knee, and repeat on the other side.

5) Stability Ball Oblique Crunch

When you’re working on your core muscles, you should work on your obliques as well. It’s important to stay focused on your obliques, as they’re a part of the overall core muscles, helping with balance and stability.

To do a stability ball oblique crunch, place your back on the exercise ball. Bend towards each side, and try to touch your knee. You must pull yourself to the side using the muscles and not your upper body.

6) Stability Ball Side Crunch

The side crunch is another form of yoga ball exercise that focuses on the side muscles, such as the obliques.


To do this exercise, go on your side on the yoga ball, and do side crunches on the other side. You’ll be bending towards the side that's not on the yoga ball to ensure you're pulling with your core muscles and not your neck or upper body.

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