Bound For Glory 2021 Results: 3 Former WWE stars win titles, Released superstar doesn't make debut

A big night at Bound For Glory for Impact Wrestling
A big night at Bound For Glory for Impact Wrestling

Jordynne Grace won the six-person intergender match for the inaugural Impact Digital Media Championship on the Bound For Glory kickoff show. In the process, she became the first Triple Crown Knockout in Impact Wrestling history.

All in all, it was another great edition of Bound For Glory, capped off with an entertaining main event. How fans will react to the post-main event scene is yet to be seen, but the event was an overall success, with the direction following the pay-per-view possibly drawing a lot of attention.

Here's what went down at Bound For Glory 2021:

Decay (Rosemary and Havok) (c) vs. The IInspiration (Cassie Lee & Jessie McKay) - Impact Knockouts Tag Team Championship at Bound For Glory

The crowd at Bound For Glory was ready for The IInspiration, Cassie Lee and Jessie McKay, who introduced themselves.

They did their "superhero" pose from WWE, with a different name. It wasn't a long intro for them, as the Tag Team Champions Decay came out next.

Cassie Lee and Jessie McKay worked together against Rosemary, with the former starting things. Rosemary gained momentum early on and tagged in Havok. IInspiration's teamwork allowed them to gain the advantage, but Havok's size neutralized it quickly.

The IInspiration took advantage when Rosemary was in the ring. Once Havok entered the mix, she decimated Cassie Lee, but the latter escaped and threw out Rosemary before attacking Havok.

Both McKay and Lee took Havok out at ringside while Rosemary came back. She got Jessie McKay into the ring, and with Havok out, the opponents took advantage and double-teamed her.

The finish saw IInspiration pin Rosemary to capture the Impact Knockouts Tag Team titles on their debut at Bound For Glory.

Result: The IInspiration def. Decay to become the new Knockouts Tag Team Champions.

Grade: C

Trey Miguel vs. Steve Maclin vs. El Phantasmo - Vacant X-Division Championship at Bound For Glory

Bound For Glory's second match started with El Phantasmo gaining the upper hand early on. Trey Miguel countered with his incredible athleticism. Miguel cleared the ring, but when he wasn't looking, Steve Maclin attacked him.

El Phantasmo seemingly tried to ally with Maclin, but the latter knocked him down for that attempt. Trey Miguel attempted to secure a backbreaker, but Maclin was in between, so Miguel took him down and proceeded to land the submission anyway.

The crowd was hot for Trey Miguel, the sentimental favorite at Bound For Glory. El Phantasmo got the crowd behind him for his incredible athleticism, using his unorthodox offense to take control of the match.

Trey Miguel and Phantasmo were caught in the ring's corners, but the former escaped Maclin's charge while the latter didn't. Maclin dived from both ends of the ring, with the first one, in particular, looking incredible.

Trey Miguel, meanwhile, bounced himself in an odd position from the ropes outside and flung himself back onto Phantasmo. The Bound For Glory crowd understandably chanted "this is awesome" by this point.

Phantasmo was on the verge of becoming X-Division Champion when he hit an incredible super-rana onto both Miguel and Maclin. It didn't get him the pin, and Trey Miguel was nearly hit with a low blow.

Miguel revealed that he had a cup underneath, and he superkicked Phantasmo before finishing him and winning the title. The sentimental favorite won at Bound For Glory.

Result: Trey Miguel defeated Steve Maclin and El Phantasmo to become the NEW X-Division Champion.

Grade: A+

Mickie James cut an incredible promo ahead of her Knockouts title match against Deonna Purrazzo. The emotional promo was the best of hers in a long time.

Heath & Rhino vs. Violent By Design (Joe Doering and Deaner)

VBD attacked Heath before the bell rang. The latter's luck worsened when Rhino did not come in. Deaner started weakening on him at Bound For Glory.

Joe Doering started to brutalize Heath but couldn't get the pin. Deaner was tagged in, but he failed to land a splash onto Heath.

Heath got rid of Doering with a drive-by, but he struggled even after taking Deaner out. Rhino's music played as he finally arrived. Heath tagged him in, and Rhino took Doering out. The match ended following a Gore to Deaner.

Result: Heath & Rhino defeated Deaner & Joe Doering

Grade: C

Call Your Shot Gauntlet Match at Bound For Glory

The first two competitors in the Gauntlet Match at Bound For Glory were Rocky Romero and Chris Sabin, while the third was Madman Fulton. Rohit Raju was the next in line, and the former X-Division Champion got a beatdown right off the bat. Raju quickly aligned himself with Madman Fulton and #5 Tasha Steelz.

Rocky Romero was the first man out. Rachel Ellering was the next one out, and she set the tone by going after Tasha Steelz. Rohit Raju managed to get Madman Fulton out. Savannah Evans was out despite having a size advantage among the women.

Call Your Shot Gauntlet Match at Bound For Glory (cont.)

Johnny Swinger was the next in line and received a great reaction from the crowd at Bound For Glory. Melina made her debut for Impact Wrestling and received a great response as well.

She had a face-off with Johnny Swinger, avoiding his offense with the split. It was done a bit early as Swinger slammed her face against the mat. The Demon, who looked like Gene Simmons of Kiss, came out next, and Johnny was rocking out. He asked The Demon for an autograph and got it, but he was thrown out immediately.

Brian Myers was next, and he went face-to-face with The Demon. Myers' long-time friend Matt Cardona was out next. The two friends went right after each other, while Rohit Raju avoided getting thrown out. Laredo Kid was in next, and he went after former champion Rohit Raju.

Melina eliminated Tasha Steelz before Brian Myers threw her out as well. Sam Beale was the next one in. Ace Austin, Moose, and Rich Swann were in, and it looked like it would be a game-changer.

Eddie and Alisha Edwards came out. The former was shoved down when she tried to use the kendo sticks. The duo then assaulted Moose.

W. Morrissey was the last entrant. Moose threw Alisha out, and he tried to do the same to Eddie Edwards as well. Eventually, W. Morrissey eliminated the latter. The two giants then threw Raju out of the ring.

Chris Sabin was easily eliminated despite being the longest-lasting member in the match at Bound For Glory. Moose, Morrissey, Rich Swann, and Matt Cardona were the final four. Moose eliminated both Rich Swann and W. Morrissey.

The final two were Matt Cardona and Moose. Despite Matt's initial effort, the latter picked up the win at Bound For Glory.

Result: Moose won the Call Your Shot Gauntlet Match at Bound For Glory

Grade: D

The Good Brothers (c) vs. FinJuice vs. Bullet Club - Impact World Tag Team Championship at Bound For Glory

The tag team title match at Bound For Glory started with FinJuice getting the upper hand. Doc Gallows was the difference-maker against Hikuleo as he had a slight power advantage. The latter fought back and there was a constant exchange between the teams.

Juice Robinson was close to getting the pin on Chris Bey. The former got frustrated and tagged David Finlay in. The Good Brothers cleared the ring.

There was a point where all six superstars were flat on their backs. A fired-up Juice Robinson kept going at Chris Bey. Finlay hit a suplex on Bey while Robinson hit a splash. Karl Anderson stole the opportunity and threw the latter out of the ring to steal the pin and win at Bound For Glory.

Result: The Good Brothers defeated FinJuice and The Bullet Club to retain the Impact World Tag Team Championship

Grade: B

Impact Wrestling announced that Minoru Suzuki, who has been with AEW recently, will be appearing at Impact Wrestling soon.

Christian Cage said it was great that Josh Alexander gave up his title to become World Champion, but he isn't ready to pass the torch just yet.

Deonna Purrazzo (c) vs. Mickie James - Knockouts Championship at Bound For Glory

Deonna Purrazzo got the better of Mickie James at Bound For Glory even before the bell rang. At least five minutes worth of damage was done before the match at Bound For Glory officially began.

Deonna spent a good deal of time right off the bat with a significant advantage over Mickie James. The crowd chanted "This is awesome" after a double cross-body, but the match was highly one-sided.

Mickie James hit a flapjack on the champion, went to the top turnbuckle, and jumped on Deonna Purrazzo. She landed an incredible DDT, but Purrazzo kicked out.

Mickie James escaped Purrazzo's clutch and kicked her. But the latter went after both of her arms like a predator and nearly tapped the veteran out. However, James put her feet on the rope, forcing the referee to break the hold.

Purrazzo landed the Queen's Gambit, only for James to kick out. The former bit Deonna and tried jumping on her, but she caught the referee instead. When The Virtuosa attempted to use the steel chair, the veteran kicked her in the face for a two-count.

Mickie James finally scored the win over Deonna Purrazzo with a step-up tornado DDT at Bound For Glory.

Result: Mickie James defeated Deonna Purrazzo to win the Impact Knockouts Championship

Grade: A

Christian Cage (c) vs. Josh Alexander - Impact World Championship at Bound For Glory

The crowd at Bound For Glory was split between who to support in the main event. Christian Cage continued to dominate while Josh Alexander struggled. After a while, the challenger finally began to get momentum, but he couldn't maintain it the same way Christian had dominated up until that point.

Josh Alexander had Christian Cage in a sharpshooter, but the latter reached the ropes. Josh tried a backflip from the turnbuckles but missed, and Christian nearly secured the pin because of this. Alexander began to apply the Anklelock, which was the end of Christian Cage's World title reign at Bound For Glory.

Result: Josh Alexander defeated Christian Cage to become the new Impact World Champion

Grade: B

Moose came out and cashed in his "Call Your Shot" gauntlet cup and the match began.

Josh Alexander (c) vs. Moose - Impact World Championship

Moose hit the spear and immediately pinned Josh Alexander to become the new Impact World Champion to end Bound for Glory.

Result: Moose defeated Josh Alexander to become the new Impact World Champion

Pay-per-view grade: B+

The ending was underwhelming, especially since Braun Strowman was expected to make his Impact Wrestling debut. Instead, we got two world title changes and Moose standing tall at the end.

Other than that, the title matches delivered, with the X-Division and Knockouts title match exceeding expectations. It wasn't a perfect pay-per-view, but it was entertaining to watch.

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