Booker T busts rumor about him "being the cancer" in the TNA locker room

Booker T has stated that he was unhappy with a few incidents in his TNA stint
Booker T has stated that he was unhappy with a few incidents in his TNA stint

Booker T discussed a story that Disco Inferno and Konnan narrated on their podcast about rumors of him "being cancer" in the TNA locker room.

Speaking on his Hall of Fame podcast, Booker T recalled a conversation he had with the young stars of TNA where he said he was there to help them become better wrestlers.

The two-time Hall of Famer narrated a few incidents in TNA which ticked him off, which may have given some people the impression that he was tough to deal with:

"One time we went overseas, this is where I got a really bad rap as far as me being in TNA. When we went overseas and all of the boys, we were working so hard. We got to the building and we had no catering. A lot of the boys, they weren't making a whole lot of money. Me, personally, I had a credit card so I could get some food if I wanted. But I felt really, really bad for the young guys. I remember, after the show, they wanted to stop at a food truck and get some food. The guys had to buy their own food and I pitched a fit. I went off. I went crazy, I lost my mind. Maybe that's why I got a bad rap because I was speaking up for the boys."

Booker T said he bought food for a few TNA stars during that overseas trip. He also narrated other incidents in TNA, which may have got him a bad rap.

TNA asked him to take an eight-hour bus ride for an hour-long flight, while, in another instance, he was told to go in his car for a media day rather than being sent one by TNA. He said he was upset by the incidents, but also stated that he helped several stars during his TNA stint.

Booker T's stint in TNA

3. Booker T absconds with the TNA World Heavyweight Championship

On the Keepin it 100 podcast with Konnan and Disco Inferno, both stars stated that they didn't have problems working with Booker T. Konnan also said the WWE Hall of Famer was easy to work with.

Booker T has said his stint at TNA was like a vacation as it had a laidback atmosphere but was unhappy about how the stars were treated. He believes he had a great deal of influence on the stars in TNA and always offered his expertise.

Booker T was a part of the TNA roster from 2007 to 2010. At TNA, Booker T was a one-time and inaugural TNA Legends Champion, and one-time TNA World Tag Team Champion alongside Scott Steiner.

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