A journey from India to IMPACT Wrestling - Meet Bhupinder Gujjar (Exclusive)

Bhupinder Gujjar is set to face his opponent John Skyler
Bhupinder Gujjar is set to face his opponent John Skyler

On IMPACT Wrestling this week, John Skyler takes on a name that fans may be unfamiliar with - Bhupinder Gujjar. Despite his previous short-lived stint as a member of the Desi Hit Squad, it does seem like the young man from Chandigarh will be in the spotlight in a much bigger way going forward.

As a young man in India, Gujjar explored his options in the realm of sports and fell in love with pro wrestling. He liked how unique the IMPACT Wrestling presentation was, something that appealed to him. Today, he is living the dream as a member of the said roster.

Gujjar took the time to speak with Sportskeeda Wrestling ahead of what is being billed as his debut. As exciting as the match itself is, the journey to the bout is just as engrossing. Check out the entire conversation by clicking on the link below:


Bhupinder Gujjar has been an IMPACT Wrestling fan for a very long time

.@TrueRajSingh says he has a top prospect in "Bhupinder Gujjar" and he arrives next week!@TheJohnSkyler is up for the challenge!#IMPACTonAXSTV

Growing up in India, Gujjar was smitten by the pro wrestling bug:

"It's an interesting story and I'll tell you the short version. I wanted to do something in sports. I didn't know what. I was totally confused. I was totally confused. I started out as a bodybuilder. I won medals. I did boxing and I'm a national level kickboxer. I won two double gold medals in 2016. But still, something was missing. I used to watch a lot of wrestling back then but I didn't know which way I need to go," said Gujjar. [2:17-2:58]

It was when he discovered IMPACT Wrestling on television that Gujjar decided he'd work for the company someday.

"Back then IMPACT was called TNA with a 6-sided ring. The whole concept was totally different from other promotions. I was like, 'What is this?' I mean it's a 6-sided ring. Never seen anything like it before. It's different from a 4-sided ring. I used to watch Low-Ki and all the classic wrestlers. The Hindi commentator used to take it to a different level. So, that's when I fell in love with IMPACT Wrestling. In fact, I was like I have to work with this company someday," added Gujjar. [6:11-7:25]

Catch the stunning arrival of Gujjar this Thursday as he battles the formidable John Skyler in singles combat. Let us know your thoughts about this young man in the comments.

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