"Greatest three-way match of all time" - Josh Alexander recalls favorite IMPACT Wrestling match

Josh Alexander
Josh Alexander
Arpit Shrivastava

Josh Alexander considers the three-way match between AJ Styles, Samoa Joe and Christopher Daniels at IMPACT Wrestling: Unbreakable 2005 to be the "greatest" triple threat match of all time.

Alexander won the IMPACT Wrestling X-Division Championship after defeating Ace Austin and TJP at Rebellion 2021. The fast-paced bout brought back fond memories of some classic triple threat matches, including the aforementioned bout from Unbreakable 2005.

In an interview with Sports Illustrated, Alexander discussed how the three-way match for the X-Division Championship at Rebellion 2021 paid homage to the classic between Styles, Joe and Daniels. Alexander also stated that seeing Samoa Joe join the X-Division in IMPACT Wrestling motivated him to become a pro-wrestler.

“That’s the greatest three-way match of all time. The monkey flip where I caught TJ, they did that same spot. They did it straight into the rana, but I added a little flair by powering TJ, taking a kick, and then he rana’d me. When Samoa Joe came to the X-Division, that gave me the burning desire to be a pro wrestler. So having that throwback to the Unbreakable match, that was a way to pay respect to this division,” said Alexander

Josh Alexander heaped praise on his Rebellion opponents, Ace Austin and TJP. He spoke about the respect he has for TJP and pointed out the great chemistry they share in the ring. Alexander further termed Ace Austin a 'once-in-a-lifetime performer' and believes he has a bright future in the business.

“I have an immense amount of respect for TJP, we have a chemistry in the ring I can’t describe, and Ace is a once-in-a-lifetime athletic talent who’s still finding his feet in this business, but he’s already had so much success. Having the three of us in there, to play off each other and challenge each other, I think we made magic," Alexander continued.

Josh Alexander wants to bring 'glory' back to IMPACT Wrestling's X-Division

Josh Alexander believes IMPACT Wrestling's X-Division had 'revolutionized' the pro-wrestling business with Styles, Joe, and Low-Ki always stealing the show with their matches. Alexander wants to bring 'glory' back into the division by putting in the hard work and having great bouts.

"This was my chance to establish myself in a division that revolutionized the pro wrestling business. AJ Styles, Low Ki, Amazing Red, Samoa Joe, they all found their success in the X-Division, and they were always the match of the night. I would like to return the X-Division to its glory. This is the workhorse division. I’m going to bust my ass and try to steal every show I’m on,” concluded Alexander.

Josh Alexander sits atop IMPACT Wrestling's X-Division after his win at Rebellion 2021. It remains to be seen who emerges as the challenger to his title, though Ace Austin seems like an imminent threat.

Who do you think should be the next challenger for the IMPACT Wrestling X-Division Championship? Sound off the comments section below.

Edited by Zaid Khan

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