Former WWE Superstar JONAH appears at IMPACT Wrestling and takes out former world champion

JONAH made his debut at IMPACT Wrestling: Turning Point
JONAH made his debut at IMPACT Wrestling: Turning Point
Soumik Datta

JONAH made his IMPACT Wrestling debut at Turning Point.

The former WWE Superstar interrupted top star Josh Alexander, who was addressing the crowd before the main event.

Alexander made his way down to the ring to address his recent win over Minoru Suzuki on IMPACT Wrestling. The former IMPACT World Champion went toe-to-toe with the leader of Suzuki-gun in an epic battle and eventually got his hand raised for a big win.

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At Turning Point, Alexander showcased his frustration at not being part of a match on the card. Shortly afterward, JONAH appeared and laid out Alexander.

The attack by the former WWE Superstar left Alexander bleeding from the mouth before security made their way down to the ring in an attempt to get JONAH away from the Walking Weapon.

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JONAH recently also appeared in New Japan Pro Wrestling

At NJPW: Battle in the Valley, JONAH made his surprise debut for New Japan Pro Wrestling. The former NXT North American Champion started off by confronting IMPACT World Champion, Moose, who was present in the ring during JONAH's debut.

However, Moose wanted nothing to do with JONAH and left on his own. The Aussie sensation then targeted Juice Robinson, who was already laid out in the ring.

On the back of a brutal match and loss to Moose, JONAH picked the bones and attacked Juice to send a bold message to the NJPW roster. He then took out David Finlay, who tried to save his tag team partner.

Following the massive beatdown, JONAH took to the microphone and announced his arrival in New Japan Pro Wrestling in style. NJPW also recently confirmed that at NJPW STRONG: Nemesis, JONAH will face Finlay in a singles match.

Considering that JONAH stood toe-to-toe with Moose and has now also appeared in IMPACT Wrestling, it remains to be seen if the Aussie star could challenge for the belt at some point down the road.

Edited by Ryan K Boman
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