IMPACT Wrestling star Matt Cardona reveals who pitched the idea of having a match against his ex-girlfriend at Slammiversary

Matt Cardona with his fiance Chelsea Green!
Matt Cardona with his fiance Chelsea Green!

IMPACT Wrestling star and current GCW champion Matt Cardona recently revealed that he himself pitched the idea of working alongside his ex-partner Tenille Dashwood.

Appearing on a recent episode of Oral Sessions with Renee Paquette, IMPACT Wrestling star Matt Cardona discussed numerous topics, including post-match revelations from his match at Slammiversary.

Cardona stated that it was his idea to do a mixed tag team match involving his ex-girlfriend. However, he revealed that he was stunned to see the professionalism from every wrestler in this match:

"It was fine. It was actually my idea to do this mixed tag,” Cardona revealed. “I wasn’t sure if everyone would go for it, and everyone did, and it ended up being really, really fun. We were all super professional about it.” said Cardona (H/T -WrestlingInc)

IMPACT Wrestling star Matt Cardona further revealed that everyone knew about his partner for the Slammiversary event. Cardona added that he loved teaming up with Green:

“It was cool. So, I had the mystery partner at Impact’s Slammiversary. And, like, c’mon? Everyone knew it was going to be her, but sometimes in wrestling, you have to give the people what they want. The swerve is great, but sometimes, give them what they want. It was fun teaming with her," exclaimed Matt.

IMPACT Wrestling star Matt Cardona says he wasn't keen on dating a wrestler

Matt Cardona and Chelsea Green were engaged in 2019

IMPACT Wrestling star Matt Cardona further revealed that he never wanted to date a wrestler. However, he eventually did (Tenille Dashwood), and it didn't work out the way he anticipated. Matt Cardona stated that he was reluctant when he dated another wrestler (Chelsea Green). However, their dynamic worked out and they're now living together with their pets:

“I didn’t want to date a wrestler. I told myself forever I’m not going to date anyone in the business. I finally did, and it didn’t work out. Then, after I was like, I’m definitely not dating [another] wrestler in the business. So, that was why I was very hesitant hanging out with her, but I wasn’t taking it seriously. And then, you know, a couple of weeks go by, and her toothbrush is there. Then, she left her shirt there. Now, we have three cats, two dogs and we’re getting married, so it all worked out." revealed Matt

IMPACT Wrestling stars Matt Cardona and Chelsea Green were supposed to tie the knot last year on New Year's Eve, but the pandemic changed their plans.

What's your take on Matt Cardona and Chelsea Green teaming up for more matches in the future of IMPACT Wrestling? Sound off in the comments section below.

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