"It was almost embarrassing" - Dutch Mantell comments on how much IMPACT Hall of Famer was being paid

Former manager Dutch Mantell cutting a promo in WWE
Former manager Dutch Mantell cutting a promo in WWE
Muhammed Shijas

Wrestling veteran Dutch Mantell recently gave his honest opinion about former IMPACT Knockout Awesome Kong's Hall of Fame induction. He also shared an embarrassing story regarding Awesome Kong's payment.

Awesome, Kong was one of the most dominant female wrestlers in the world. The former Knockout Champion has worked with the company for over six years. Her last match for IMPACT was in January 2016.

Wrestling icon @MeanQueenK will be inducted into the IMPACT Hall of Fame at Bound For Glory. #KnockoutsKnockdown

In a recent episode of Sportskeeda's Smack Talk, Dutch Mantell took some time to congratulate Awesome Kong for being inducted into the IMPACT Hall of Fame. Mantell, credited with introducing Kong to the promotion, pointed out how the company never met her demands.

The former booker said that it was embarrassing when he learned that the promotion denied her demand for higher pay:

"She deserves it, and I was always on her side. But they didn't pay her any money and when she asked for more money, they said no and I said “you gotta be nuts”. This girl was pulling the weights of guys that you were paying big money to. She’s beating them!!! And the amount of money they were paying her..It was almost embarrassing to tell you the truth. Very imposing figure when she goes to the ring. I remember the first time when we booked her, when they heard the music and then Kong came out..and these people were tourists and they looked around and went “what the hell is this”? And they stood up. Because it was so unusual to see that size of a woman walked down," said Dutch Mantell.

Check out Dutch Mantell's review of this week's AEW Rampage and WWE SmackDown in the video below:


Inducting Awesome Kong into the Hall of Fame is the best way IMPACT can pay tribute to her legacy in the wrestling industry.

Dutch Mantell relieves the moment he booked Awesome Kong and Gail Kim for the main event

WWE received loads of applause from the wrestling industry when they decided to main event Charlotte Flair vs. Sasha Banks on WWE RAW and Hell in a Cell a few years ago.

However, former WWE manager Dutch Mantell booked Awesome Kong vs. Gail Kim as the main event long before WWE even thought of it.

"We put Gail Kim and Awesome Kong in the main event about 10 years before WWE even thought about it," said Dutch Mantell.
Awesome Kong will be inducted in the 2021 Impact Hall of Fame. Well earned and well deserved. A trail blazer, without question.

The announcement of Kong's induction to the Hall of Fame came during the Knockout Knockdown special. The ceremony will take place on October 23 at the Bound for Glory pay-per-view.

Coincidentally, Kong made her IMPACT debut at Bound for Glory 2007, making her induction even more poetic.

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