Slammiversary 2021: 5 possible outcomes for the IMPACT Wrestling Tag Team Championship match

Who will be victorious in this epic match? Will this be the scene once again?
Who will be victorious in this epic match? Will this be the scene once again?

We're just a few days away from IMPACT Wrestling's biggest event of the summer, Slammiversary. The company will also welcome back its fans for the first time since last year's pandemic era.

With a total of eight matches confirmed so far, out of which five will be title defenses, it will certainly be a must-see event globally.

One of the most intriguing matches on the show will be the IMPACT World Tag Team Championship match, which will see Violent By Design defending their titles against the Good Brothers, TJP & Fallah Bahh, and Rich Swann & Willie Mack.

There's no doubt that the storyline lacks proper build-up, given the fact that their match was announced only last week. But the company capitalized quickly by having consistent four-way matches each week.

Keeping the storyline beef apart, all the challengers are gunning for the top prize of the tag team division, which is enough to grab viewers in their match on the July 17th event.

Violent By Design, led by Eric Young, has remained dominant in defending their titles under the free-bird rule since then. The IMPACT Wrestling Slammiversary event will also mark their two-month title reign.

Although VBD will be heading into the match at a disadvantage, considering they won't have to take the pin to lose their titles.

That said, let's take a look at the five possible finishes for the IMPACT Wrestling Tag Team Championship match at Slammiversary.

#5 Violent By Design retains their IMPACT Wrestling Tag Team Championships clean

Deaner Hints Violent By Design Will Pursue Gold Outside Of IMPACT Wrestling  | Cultaholic

Going by Violent By Design's current booking, they might successfully retain their Championships without any interference from their stablemates.

It is worth noting that ever since the Eric Young-led group became the IMPACT Wrestling tag team champions, the tag team division has been lifted in no time. Not that the previous titleholders didn't do their job convincingly, it's just that no team possesses an IT factor-like VBD at the moment.

The credit goes to IMPACT Wrestling star Eric Young for making this drastic change by entering the tag team division. Despite not being physically involved in any of the title defenses, his presence alone has brought some eyeballs to their product.

VBD has only started to gain momentum as a faction, and they need the possession of this title more than anyone else in this division. Having them lose this Saturday will diminish the credibility of the group moving forward.

Considering that, management should make their decision wisely and have VBD retain their titles.

#4 TJP and Fallah Bahh becomes the new IMPACT Wrestling Tag Team Champions this Saturday

Will the babyface duo grab the golds?
Will the babyface duo grab the golds?

It is widely believed that IMPACT Wrestling Slammiversary is known for changing careers and cementing one's legacy. For a duo like TJP & Fallah Bahh, it would be a surreal moment if they end up winning the tag team titles.

Both men have been working together since late 2019. Surprisingly, they haven't won a tag team gold yet. While TJP firmly shifted towards the X-Divison Championship on numerous occasions, the company never really gave them a chance to shine.

For a guy like TJP, who's an incredibly talented performer in the ring, it's hard to keep him away from the title picture. About a month ago, he wrestled Josh Alexander in a historic Iron-Man match on IMPACT Wrestling.

One would have expected him to be involved in an Ultimate X match at this year's Slammiversary. However, he was demoted down to the tag team division.

His alliance with Fallah Bahh has shown a great entertaining dynamic, and if allowed an opportunity to lead the tag team division, the duo will not disappoint.

#3 Rich Swann & Willie Mack becomes the new IMPACT Wrestling Tag Team Champions

Will Rich Swann hold gold once again this year?
Will Rich Swann hold gold once again this year?

If the company wants to take another babyface route at IMPACT Wrestling Slammiversary, then having Rich Swann and Willie Mack win the tag team championships would be an exhilarating experience for fans in attendance.

Rich Swann has quickly risen through the ranks, from becoming X-Division Champion to IMPACT World Champion in his first stint with the company. But there's only one title that has eluded him in his career, and that is IMPACT Wrestling tag team titles.

Swann, alongside Mack, challenged for the tag team title against North but failed on all four occasions last year.

Like TJP, Rich Swann has also been demoted to the tag team division, given the fact he was world champion earlier this year. The company needs to give him a prominent TV team, and what better way to do it than by awarding him with tag team gold. Swann, with his in-ring tactics, could stun everyone by winning the match through a roll-up.

This would also help elevate Willie Mack, who has been their consistent workhorse during the pandemic era. The company could give them a short reign which would create a whole new matchup on weekly programming.

#2 The Good Brothers becomes two-time IMPACT Wrestling Tag Team Champions

Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows!
Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows!

The Good Brothers have a high chance of winning the IMPACT Wrestling Tag Team title this Saturday.

Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows are the company's safest options if they decide to make a title change. Both men have held tag team championships in almost every promotion they have worked with. Their character work and ability to produce storylines is remarkable.

One cannot forget that they immediately won the tag team title upon signing with the company. They even held the titles for close to 120 days. This shows testament to the trust the company has put in them.

The Good Brothers seem to be a late inclusion in this storyline, given the fact they had no beef with any of the other competitors in this match. However, the company has done a great job in building them up as a possible threat to Violent By Design's title reign.

During this week's episode of IMPACT Wrestling, Gallows and Doering even gave a death-staring and were determined to put each other down.

Joe Doering got the better of Gallows this week, but the tables could turn on VBD if the Good Brothers manage to pin the champions to win the titles.

#1 Eric Young helps Violent By Design retain their IMPACT Wrestling tag team titles

Eric Young!
Eric Young!

One must not rule out the possibility of a screwy finish to the IMPACT Wrestling Tag Team Championship match.

Eric Young is currently out with an ACL injury, but he could still get involved in the match without facing any physicality.

Violent By Design will already be at a disadvantage heading into their title defense as the challengers don't necessarily have to pin them to win the championships.

That's where IMPACT Wrestling star Eric Young can play a trump card for VBD and save their title reign. He could prevent the referee from making a three-count, or he could even hit someone with a weapon. There is an endless possibility with this swerve.

The outcome will develop more heat towards Eric Young and his stablemates. The company could continue with their title reign for a few more months and then have them drop to a credible babyface team. Eric Young would have been cleared to wrestle by then. It would be unfair to him if VBD loses the title without having him wrestle a si match.

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