10 Best Commentary Moments of the Premier League

We have spent our entire lives idolising our footballing heroes, heroes who have etched their names in the glorious history of this beautiful game by a moment of sheer brilliance, a moment which stood above everything else, a moment which lives in the hearts of their passionate fans. But apart from that occasion what makes these moments so memorable? They were allaccompanied by some extraordinary commentary which will live long in our memories andhelp us relive thosemoments and the Premier League has had its fair share, from Clive Tyldseley announcing Rooneys arrival to the big league to Martin Tylers scream of Agueeerro!!Let us take a walk through memory lane reliving some of those moments.

#1 Wayne Rooneys first goal vs Arsenal

Ohhh!! A brilliant Goal! A Brilliant Goal! Remember the name Wayne Rooney!!

ITV commentator Clive Tyldseley roared as the emphatic Wayne Rooney scored the first goal of his career with a spectacular volley.

We certainly remembered the name!


#2 John Arne Riise freekick vs Manchester United

Riise!!! Goodness gracious me! Its amazing how the goal is still standing..the ball rocketed into it from the left boot of John Arne Riise!

Martin Tyler along with the whole of Anfield was awestruck by the quality of the strike by the Norwegian left back from thisfree kick routine, and that too against fierce rivals Manchester United!


#3 Federico Macheda vs Aston Villa

Federico Machedas debut goal was an injury time winner for the RedDevils against Aston Villa and the Old Trafford faithful went mad, along with commentator Martin Tyleras soon as it went into the back of the net. Who can forget Tyler screaming Machedaaaaa!!!Astonishing!

#4 Nwanu Kanu vs Chelsea

..Can you believe it? Hes flattened Chelsea were Martin Tylers words as Kanu scored a beautiful goal going past the Chelsea keeperEd de Goey and slotting it into the back of the net from a tight angle completing his hattrick.Kanu believe it?


#5 Ji Dong-Wong vs Manchester City

One of the most incredible premier league games of recent years, with Ji-Dong Wong scoring the winner for Sunderland with about 20 seconds of the 3 additional minutes left at the Etihad Stadium. Martin Tyler Again. It aint over till itss over!


#6 Mark Viduka vs Liverpool

To recover from going 2-0 down inside 17 minutes and claw their way back to victory against distinguished opposition after falling behind again, as Leeds did, was a notable achievement in itselfand with Viduka himself scoring 4 makes it all the more special


#7 Stan Collymore vs Newcastle United

Stan Collymores winner for Liverpool against Newcastle United in this Premier League Classic will be remembered forever.More so by the words Kevin Keegan hangs his head in devastation!


#8 Steve Bruce vs Sheffield Wednesday

Steve Bruce scored two goals in stoppage time to against Wednesday paving the way for Manchester United winning the innaugral Premier League title. Alex Ferguson and Brian Kids celebration of the final goal which won them the game has been etched into EPL history.


#9 Wayne Rooney vs Manchester City.

What a goal! At what a time! In what a place! What a player! Wayne Rooney out of this World! Thats about enough to sum this up.


#10 Sergio Aguero vs QPR

This was by far the most amazing piece of commentary that defined a moment. Martin Tyler shouting Aguero! has been etched into the glorious history of the Premier League. Just listening to it brings back the memories


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