Odisha FC 6-4 SC East Bengal- 4 things we learned

Odisha FC midfielder Vinit Rai against SC East Bengal (Image Courtesy: Odisha FC Instagram)
Odisha FC midfielder Vinit Rai against SC East Bengal (Image Courtesy: Odisha FC Instagram)

Odisha FC and SC East Bengal played an exciting match in the ISL 2021-22 on Tuesday that saw 10 goals being scored throughout its entirety. The Bengal brigade were looking to bounce back after a poor display in the Kolkata derby, where they lost 3-0. Meanwhile, the Juggernauts, having tasted victory against Bengaluru FC, looked a much more confident side.

The game began with SC East Bengal scoring the first goal from a traditional Raju Gaikwad throw-in. Darren Sidoel opened the scoring for SC East Bengal. But things started to look different from there on as the tie slowly got out of the hands of SC East Bengal.

Odisha FC captain Hector Rodas scored two goals. Meanwhile, another goal by Javier Hernandez saw the ISL teams walk towards the dressing with the score 3-1 in favor of Odisha FC.

The second half was not too different either. Odisha FC controlled the game during the initial moments but SC East Bengal tried coming back into the game. Six goals were scored after the 71st minute, three from either side. Unfortunately for the club from Kolkata, things did not turn out in their favor at the end of 90 minutes.

Let's take a look at the 4 things we learned from this enticing clash.

#4 SC East Bengal's defensive woes

SC East Bengal started with Franjo Prce and the experienced Raju Gaikwad at the heart of their defense. Hira Mondal and Joyner Lourenco played as wingbacks. But the team was a mess defensively.

The wingbacks allowed their opposition attackers a decent amount of space that they could capitalize on. But the main shocker came from Raju Gaikwad. He is one of the most experienced center backs in Indian football. But his poor marking of Hector Rodas during the two set-pieces allowed the Spaniard to score.

Even two goals from Aridai Cabrera showcased the same pattern. The defensive wall during the freekick did not have East Bengal's tallest players and allowed Cabrera to put the ball over the wall.

#3 SC East Bengal's lack of utilising possession

One of the core aspects of SC East Bengal's list of issues also lies in the team's inability to function properly with the ball. The players did not position themselves in a manner that would act as an option for the teammate with the ball. Hence SC East Bengal found it difficult to keep the ball for long periods.

SC East Bengal's Slovenian midfielder Amir Dervisevic also did not possess any threat throughout his time on the pitch. He showed very little physical prowess given his stature and, offensively, his creativity lacked an edge.

#2 Odisha FC displaying defensive compactness

This is the second occasion in which Odisha FC displayed how compact they can be without possession. Aside from what happened in the dying moments of the game, the Juggernauts were very uniform in their defensive duties.

Second-half substitutions from their manager to turn the team into a more offensive unit caused problems at the back. Fortunately for them, Odisha FC's offensive units kept the team in the lead throughout.

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#1 Odisha FC's discipline in set-pieces

Four out of the six goals scored by Odisha FC were the result of a set-piece. This is something the Juggernauts displayed in their last game as well. It can be clearly stated that the side have drilled themselves with set-pieces. Javier Hernandez, the team's key player in initiating set-piece moves, has been brilliant throughout the first two encounters of this ISL.

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