ISL: Bengaluru FC coach against 3+1 foreigner rule but owner in support of it

Bengaluru FC coach Carles Cuadrat
Bengaluru FC coach Carles Cuadrat

Bengaluru FC coach Carles Cuadrat has finally expressed his opinion on the crucial 3+1 foreigner rule, which is expected to come into effect in the Indian Super League from the 2021-22 season. The rule will be implemented in the I-League from the 2020-21 season itself. The Spaniard has also outlined the influential role played by foreigners in the league.

Cuadrat feels that the 3+1 rule will put the Indian players under enormous pressure if it's implemented in the ISL a year from now. Although the Bengaluru FC boss is not open to this rule in the near future, he believes that it could be gainful but only after two decades or so.

Cuadrat spoke to Chennai City FC boss Akbar Nawas in a session on Instagram a few days ago and said:

"If we reduce the foreigner quota, we will be putting a lot of pressure (to dish out quality football). They might be talented, but they aren't ready yet. For example, my 19-year-old midfielder Suresh Singh Wangjam will feel more comfortable when he is surrounded by Erik Paartalu, Dimas Delgado, and Juanan. ISL provides a basic standard of football and a lot of credit should go to foreigners. It should be a project of 15-20 years (after which we can reduce the foreigner quota)."

Bengaluru FC coach and owner on different wavelengths?

Varying opinions seem to be emanating from Bengaluru FC as owner Parth Jindal tweeted in support of the 3+1 rule earlier today. He believes that adhering to this rule will help in improving the quality of Indian players.

In order to adhere to AFC guidelines, the vital 3+1 rule is set to be implemented in the Indian first and second-tier competitions. This rule will allow teams to register and subsequently field up to four foreigners in the squad of which one should hail from one of the member nations of AFC. It has to be noted that the rule is already applicable in all AFC competitions.

Many have voiced their opinion about the need for improvement in the quality of Indian players over the last few years. Two positions that need a serious uplift in particular are that of centre-back and striker.

Teams have often prioritized the use of foreigners owing to the better skill-set they bring to the table. That has an adverse effect on the development of Indian players who obviously need more playing time to hone their craft. Hence, prioritizing the 3+1 rule could have a positive bearing on the growth of Indian players.

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