What is the “Cloud Nails” trend? Everything about the manicure as Lady Gaga takes the lead

Trending “Cloud Nails” - the manicure as led Lady Gaga (image via Sportskeeda)
Trending “Cloud Nails” - the manicure as led Lady Gaga (image via Sportskeeda)

The 'Cloud Nails' manicure sensation has created ripples in the global beauty industry. Lady Gaga is at the forefront of the latest nail trend, as she embraces the minimalist manicure technique.

On August 9, 2023, Lady Gaga took to her Instagram feed to announce the launch of Haus Labs' new Triclone Skin Tech Concealer. This highly anticipated product is part of her beauty brand and will be available starting in September 2023.

During the launch of the new product, Gaga displayed a beige-tinted cloud manicure in the accompanying cover photo. This manicure gave the impression of a thin layer of concealer applied to her carefully groomed nails.

The trend of 'Cloud Nails' is currently gaining popularity, and Lady Gaga is leading the way

The concept of 'cloud nails' is not a recent one. Prominent Hollywood celebrities such as Halle Berry and Sofia Richie have embraced this manicure trend, causing it to gradually gain popularity in the beauty world.

Lady Gaga, the renowned fashionista and devoted advocate of maximalist style, has played a significant role in showcasing this nail design through a recent picture on her Instagram.

And what's more? The TikTok For You page serves as a source of inspiration for many beauty enthusiasts, who can attest to the popularity of 'cloud nails' as a trendy and aesthetically pleasing manicure option in recent times.

The simplest take on the 'Cloud Nails' by Lady Gaga

Gaga's interpretation of cloud manicures was simple, glossy, and supple. The renowned singer chose a beige-hued nail polish that was nearly identical to the cosmetics she held in one hand.

Her medium-length nails momentarily extended beyond her fingertips and were shaped in a'squoval' (a combination of square and oval) manner. Every nail had a subdued sheen, adding an extra note of elegance to the overall appearance.

The much-hyped Cloud Nail manicure (image via Sportskeeda)
The much-hyped Cloud Nail manicure (image via Sportskeeda)

Beauty enthusiasts who are eager to recreate Gaga's stunning beige-tinted cloud nails can now easily achieve this manicure from the comfort of their own homes. This nail trend requires precision, focused attention to the details, and practice to ensure a flawless, streak-free final result.

Here's a brief step-wise guide to help a beauty fan gain this fantastic and unique manicure:

  1. File the nails as per one's preference concerning their length and shape. Opt for a squoval shape if one is a faithful follower of Gaga's nails.
  2. Apply 1-2 drops of cuticle oil and rub gently by pushing back the cuticles. This is to expose the whole nail bed. Wipe off soft tissue and the oil remnants to create a spotless canvas.
  3. Subsequently, use a base coat mainly created to control the forming of rises and lines. This will cater to a smooth foundation for the following layers of polish.
  4. Then, while adding the colour, apply a light layer of sheer polish as the initial coat. Try keeping it thin to acquire the cloud-like impact. Let the first coat dry thoroughly.
  5. Once the first coat dries, a thin layer of the second coat of the sheer nail gloss should be applied. This will improve the colour opaqueness while harbouring the fine quality and texture of the nails.
  6. Ultimately, lock these beautiful nails with a high-gloss top coat to give the manicure a polished finish and long-lasting.

However, one can also visit a professional manicurist to get a 'cloud nail' manicure with utmost precision and perfection.

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