Ajman Alubond 74/8 (10 ov)
ECB Blues 77/2 (5.3 ov)
ECB Blues won by 8 wickets
We will bring you more live-action of Emirates D10 with the last match of the day scheduled to begin at 11:30 p.m. IST. 

That's it from us for the day. This is Bala signing off, on behalf of Dwijesh as well!! 
After their spinner restricted Ajman to a mediocre 74 runs in the first innings, it was ECB batsmen all the way in the chase. A truly resounding victory for them in the end, chasing down the target in just 5.3 overs. 
ECB has completed a comprehensive victory over Ajman in the penultimate match of the day. They have won by 8 wickets with 27 balls to spare, which is nothing less than HUGE in the T10 context. A sweet revenge for the defeat earlier in the tournament at the hands of Ajman, 

After an early loss of a couple of wickets, Vriitya Aravind took the matters into his hands, scoring 36 off just 13 balls. Ajman never looked like they were in the game during that chase. The extras and some poor fielding also helped the ECB course. None of their bowlers were able to bring in any sort of control. 
5.3 Ali Mirza to Vritya Aravind, FOUR! Aravind finishes off in style as he plays an inside-out cover drive over extra cover for a four as he leads ECB Blues to a resounding win over Ajman Alubond!
5.2 Ali Mirza to Vritya Aravind, FOUR MORE! Aravind is in a hurry! No time to waste for them, and the NRR is at stake. Just a couple more required.
5.1 Ali Mirza to Vritya Aravind, FOUR! Full ball outside off and Aravind smashes it through covers for a four! The win is just a solitary hit away now.
Just 10 runs required now, with five more overs to go. ECB perfectly placed for an easy victory.
ECB 65/2 after 5 overs.
4.6 Hamad Arshad to Vritya Aravind, single to end the over! Once again on the stumps and worked away comfortably by Hamad.
4.5 Hamad Arshad to Vritya Aravind, dot ball! A rare one in this innings. He cramps the batsman for room there.
4.4 Hamad Arshad to Kashif Daud, Daud looks to heave another one to the leg side but can't get all of it. Just a single
4.3 Hamad Arshad to Kashif Daud, SIX! Daud gets a short ball outside off and he dispatches it over the midwicket region for SIX! Another long hoick from Hamad. Poor bowling this. You just can't do that at that pace.
4.3 Hamad Arshad to Vritya Aravind, wide ball outside off but the batsman scamper for an extra run! Hamad didn't want to get anywhere near the arc and ended up pushing it wide outside the off stump.
4.2 Hamad Arshad to Vritya Aravind, SIX! Aravind gets a short ball as he pulls one over the bowler's head for a maximum! It was a long hoick, and the batsman took full advantage of it. 
4.1 Hamad Arshad to Kashif Daud, single to start the over as Daud plays a full ball towards long-on.
50 up for ECB. They are pretty much cruising along now. The batsmen seem to be in no sorts of pressure.
50/2 after 4 overs.
3.6 Azhar Mohammad to Kashif Daud, full ball on the stumps, Daud turns it to the leg side for a single
3.5 Azhar Mohammad to Vritya Aravind, single taken by Aravind! Full on the stumps, and worked away comfortably.
3.4 Azhar Mohammad to Vritya Aravind, FOUR! Aravind lofts a length ball outside off over the mid-off field this time and collects four more! Majestic hit there. Floated outside off, and lofted over covers. Beautiful to watch. 
3.3 Azhar Mohammad to Vritya Aravind, short ball from Azhar and Aravind mistimes a pull towards fine-leg for no runs. Quicker ball, trying to compensate for the earlier delivery. The bowler got away with that.
3.2 Azhar Mohammad to Vritya Aravind, SHOT! Aravind extends his arms and lofts a length ball over the cover region and gets FOUR! It was lavishly flighted trying to incite the batsman, and it was well played in the end.
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