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Ajman Alubond 112/7 (10 ov)
Abu Dhabi 116/2 (8.1 ov)
Team Abu Dhabi won by 8 wickets
That's it from the game everyone. We hope that you enjoyed the resounding victory of Team Abu Dhabi against Ajman Alubond. Stay tuned on Sportskeeda for all the live cricketing action, this is Pradeep Somashekar and alongside me, Nikhil Kulkarni signing off till then take care and stay safe!!
Team Abu Dhabi beat Ajman Alubond by 8 wickets!

What a resounding victory that for Team Abu Dhabi! They have brutalized the opposition by some power hitting by Ali Abid 66(28) with 7 SIX'es and 3 boundaries and Ghulam Farid 31(11), especially Ali Abid who went berserk from the beginning, he kept those monstrous SIX'es coming for which the Ajman Alubond bowlers had no answers, some breathtaking innings that was from him, he was the man of the hour in that innings! 112 looked a mediocre total in front Ali Abid's hitting and they chased this total with 1.5 overs to spare and they did it with ease, through the course of the game they lost Ghulam Farid who looked in threatening touch as well and they lost Kai Smith in the middle overs! In the end a comprehensive victory for Team Abu Dhabi!!

Not much to talk about Ajman Alubond bowlers, it was a disappointing effort from them and no one looked to restrict Ali Abid in any point of that innings, he just marched on and on! Lots to think about for Ajman Alubond as their bowling department faltered overall! 
Rizwan Ali hits one out of the park, that's it! That was a commanding performance from Team Abu Dhabi! They win this match and win this convincingly! Ali Abid, the chief architect of this victory!
8.1 Hamad Arshad to Rizwan Ali, full length ball, Rizwan has smashed that over the cow corner region for a six. Team Abu Dhabi gets their second win of the tournament. It was a comfortable chase at the end.
Just 3 runs away Team Abu Dhabi from winning this match! TAD are 110/2 after 8 overs! 
7.6 Nasir Aziz to Ali Abid, low full toss ball on the offside, driven back to the bowler.
7.5 Nasir Aziz to Rizwan Ali, full length delivery on middle and leg, flicked to fine leg for a single.
7.4 Nasir Aziz to Rizwan Ali, full length delivery, driven to covers.
7.3 Nasir Aziz to Ali Abid, full length ball on the offside, taps it away to the extra cover region for a single.
7.2 Nasir Aziz to Ali Abid, full length ball, Ali gets an inside edge and it has run away to the fine leg boundary.
7.1 Nasir Aziz to Rizwan Ali, full length ball, driven straight down the ground.
7.1 Nasir Aziz to Rizwan Ali, wide down the legside.
Kai Smith goes in that over, Team Abu Dhabi are just 2 hits away from winning this convincingly! TAD are 102/2 after 7 overs! They just need 11 runs in 18 balls!
6.6 Hamad Arshad to Ali Abid, short of a length ball, drives it to the mid-off region.
6.5 Hamad Arshad to Rizwan Ali, full toss ball, driven to long off for a single.
6.4 Hamad Arshad to Kai Smith, fuller length ball on the stumps, Smith misses to smash that one and the stumps are clattered.
6.3 Hamad Arshad to Kai Smith, fuller length ball, drives it to the point fielder.
6.2 Hamad Arshad to Ali Abid, slightly fuller ball, worked away for a single.
6.1 Hamad Arshad to Ali Abid, full toss ball, Ali will not miss that one, smashes it straight down the ground for a boundary.
Ali Abid what a player! Some great hitting from him in this innings, again couple of SIX'es in that over! TAD are 96/1 after 6 overs! Is it all over for Ajman Alubond?
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