Sigtuna CC 62/9 (10 ov)
Alby Zalmi CC 66/2 (6.2 ov)
Alby Zalmi CC won by 8 wickets
AZC absolutely desecrating the Sigtuna CC lineup in all the three departments. Speaking of three, AZC have won their third match of the day. Boy, they are turning up some serious heat. Rahel Khan and Khalil were in their element today. Rahel looked a class apart today with his superlative stroke-making. He has earned a fan today for sure. As for STCC, they will try to go back to the drawing board and figure out their faults. They have another match to play in half-an-hour, hopefully the batters and bowlers get their act right in take-2.
This is me Abhinav Singh and my partner Kartik Iyer signing off, until next time, stay safe, stay indoors and keep washing your hands, see you all very soon, Cheers!

6.2 Z Kiyani to Azam Khalil, swung to square leg for a boundary and that does it.
6.1 Z Kiyani to Azam Khalil, beaten going for a big heave. Another try for the glory shot 
AZC need a solitary run of 24 balls! Should be pretty easy, innit? Kidding, yeah, AZC have coasted to an impressive victory here
5.6 C Ahmed to Azam Khalil, played to point for a single. Just 1 more required.
5.5 C Ahmed to Azam Khalil, beaten going for a big heave to finish the game. Tries the glory shot and fails spectacularly
5.5 C Ahmed to Azam Khalil, lofted to deep square leg for a boundary. Free hit also coming up. Khalil hits it with one hand and the ball still goes over the fence
5.4 C Ahmed to T Masood, driven to long-off for a single. Masood opens his score with that single
5.3 C Ahmed to Azam Khalil, cut to deep point for a single. dabs it and runs away. STCC can do it in singles easily
5.2 C Ahmed to Azam Khalil, full toss, Flicked towards deep fine leg, 9 required to win now
5.1 C Ahmed to Azam Khalil, beaten outside off. Rolls his fingers over the ball
2 runs and a wicket coming from Arshpreet's last over, STCC 52/2 after 5 overs, needing 11 to win the tie
4.6 A Singh to T Masood, struck on the pad, going down leg side. No run. And that ends Arshpreet's spell
4.5 A Singh to T Masood, nice fuller delivery, no run again. While other bowlers have gone for plenty, Arshpreet has shown his class by picking up the two wickets
4.4 A Singh to T Masood, beaten going for a wild slog. Masood tries to whips his first delivery, misses it by countrymile
4.3 A Singh to Azam Khalil, played to point for a single. Khalil should make sure that he stays till the end now
Till the time it lasted, it was a thing of beauty, loved every little thing about Rahel's batting
4.2 A Singh to R Khan, goes straight up in the air and is easily taken. Mishits this one and that ends Rahel's innings
4.1 A Singh to R Khan, defended back to the bowler, no run. Giving respect to good bowling too
12 required off the remaining 6 overs, STCC 51/1, Rahel producing a masterclass here
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