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Spanga United CC 89/7 (10 ov)
Alby Zalmi Cricket Club U23 won by 7 wickets
Alby Zalmi opener's batted sensibly and were helped by Spanga's fielders to a larger extent. They dropped three to four catches of openers in the first 4 overs. Both the openers put on 76 run partnership and took the game away. It was a comfortable chase and they never looked in trouble.

On the other hand, Spanga United will be disappointed with their batting and fielding performance today. No one looked like staying at the crease and building a partnership. It was even worse with the fielders dropping around 6 to 7 catches in the match today. They have plenty to work on before the next match.

We enjoyed bringing this coverage to you. Tune in to the next match coverage between Stockholm Super Kings and Stockholm International Cricket Club.This is Nikhil Kulkarni and Pradeep Somashekar signing off. Stay Safe and Take Care!.
8.4 A Kalugama to Z Alozai, Half volley, hits a SIX towards cow corner and finishes things off in style. Alby Zalmi won by 7 wickets!
8.3 A Kalugama to T Masood, Good delivery, hits it to extra cover region and they pick up a single!
8.2 A Kalugama to T Masood, Misses it completely, another DOT ball! 
8.1 A Kalugama to F Chaudhry, Yorker length, he's bowled him! OUT!
 Spanga United finally holding on to their catches and taking two wickets in the last over. Alby Zalmi still favorites to win this.
 ALBY:- 83/2 after 8th over. Alby Zalmi need 7 runs in 12 balls
7.6 F Azeem to F Chaudhry, Smacks it to the midwicket, miss field, they pick up a run!
7.5 F Azeem to Z Niazy, Hits it towards extra cover point, in the air, it finds the fielder, OUT!
7.4 F Azeem to Z Niazy, Clubs this one for a SIX towards long on, half volley. It was asking to be hit!
7.3 F Azeem to Z Niazy, Very well bowled, nice pace too, misses it!
7.2 F Azeem to I Zia, Up in the air and they held on to this one, first wicket goes! Good innings comes to an end by Ismail Zia!
7.1 F Azeem to I Zia, Lovely delivery, batsman tries it hit towards long on! Misses it! no run!
9 runs coming from the last over. This is Sensible batting from both the openers.
ALBY:- 76/0 after 7th over. Alby Zalmi need 14 runs in 18 balls
6.6 D Aduranmullawithana to Z Niazy, It's a very good delivery, should've bowled that a lot in that over, batsman misses it completely! no run!
6.5 D Aduranmullawithana to Z Niazy, Short delivery, clubs towards extra cover boundary, another FOUR runs!
6.4 D Aduranmullawithana to Z Niazy, Cuts towards the third man area, outside edge, welcome boundary. FOUR!
6.3 D Aduranmullawithana to Z Niazy, Another miss from the batsman, excellent delivery!
6.2 D Aduranmullawithana to I Zia, Good length delivery, batsman misses it to club it! no run!
6.1 D Aduranmullawithana to I Zia, Short delivery, batsman plays it towards to the long on boundary, they take a single!
16 runs coming from the last over. Alby is doing it easily now.
ALBY:- 67/0 after 6th over. Alby Zalmi need 23 runs in 24 balls
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