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Linkoping CC 77/8 (10 ov)
Almhult CC 79/3 (8.3 ov)
Almhult CC won by 7 wickets
It's me, Pradeep Somashekar and my colleague, Abhinav Singh signing off. Hope you enjoyed our live coverage of this match. Stay tuned to Sportskeeda for the upcoming matches for today, until then Good Bye for now!
Almhult CC didn't have a good end to the 1st innings, they conceded those extra 10 runs due to slow overrate, but Sardar Sahak 17(10) looked pumped at the beginning clobbered back to back SIX'es to give a flying start for them, but he perished trying to score quickly, Dinesh Adhikari followed him in the next ball, Almhult was struggling at 24/2, it was then Asif Meer 15(8) and Shiva Thever 23(22) steadied the ship. Asif kept scoring crucial boundaries to keep themselves in the game, once Asif Meer got out, it was Shiva Thever who scored much needed boundaries to keep them in the hunt, he took his time to start with but then came to the party and took the game away from Linkoping. Junaid Khan 11(5) in the end did finishing touches by scoring 2 boundaries and winning the match comfortably!

Linkoping had their bag of tricks but they didn't have too many to defend and Sardar took the game away from them in the 1st over, they did manage to pick up both their openers and that slowed Almhult down a bit, but in the end they needed couple more wickets to keep the match interesting in the last over, they needed one good over in the end but it went the other way. Muhammad Arshad 19/2 was the pick of their bowlers and Muhammad Musab 11/1 as well. At one point it looked like Linkoping would win this comfortably, but a game changing innings by Shiva Thever spoiled all their plans!

Almhult CC beat Linkoping CC by 7 wickets!
Junaid Khan had other plans, he was in a hurry, finished it off for Almhult CC. They win this game by 7 wickets! That was a comfortable win in the end for them!
8.3 M Moeez to J Khan, banged in short again, Khan very nonchalantly hangs back in his crease, waits for the rising delivery and slaps it across to the gap between midwicket and long on fielder for an exquisite boundary! And that is that for the AMC side who despite being levied a 10 run penalty get over the line with 9 balls remaining, SUPER STUFF!
8.2 M Moeez to J Khan, fulltoss and Khan while trying to muscle it miscues it to deep square leg where he gets a couple of runs
8.1 M Moeez to J Khan, short ball, batsman swivels across and pulls it to long leg boundary for an all-important FOUR!
Shiva Thever took his time initially, he's cutting lose now, another SIX and a boundary in that over bringing Almhult back into this game. ALM are 69/3 after 8 overs! Almhult CC need 9 runs in 12 balls! That was the over they were looking for! 
7.6 Ankit Naik to S Thever, pitched really full and hit to deep square leg for a couple. Thever is doing it easily now
7.5 Ankit Naik to S Thever, fulltoss drifting down the leg and hit by the batsman to fine leg for a boundary! BIG OVER THIS
7.4 Ankit Naik to S Thever, bowled wide outside off, batsman steps out, keeper appeals for a stumping but not given by the square leg umpire. DOT it is
7.3 Ankit Naik to S Thever, fulltoss, batsman steps out and hits it over cow corner for a SIX!
7.2 Ankit Naik to J Khan, slow ball and on the stumps, batsman gets an inside edge for a single
7.1 Ankit Naik to S Thever, flighted ball, batsman dances down and hits it straight to long on fielder fora  single
Almhult doing well by picking up 7 runs from that over! ALM are 55/3 after 7 overs! They need 23 runs in 18 balls! Still anybody's game!!
6.6 Muhammad Moeez to J Khan, straight ball and hit back to the bowler for no run 
6.5 Muhammad Moeez to S Thever, bowled on middle and leg and hit to long on boundary where fielder keeps it to a single
6.4 Muhammad Moeez to S Thever, good length ball and punched to extra cover fielder 
6.3 Muhammad Moeez to S Thever, full ball withing the stumps line, just misses the off stump by a whisker
6.2 Muhammad Moeez to S Thever, bowled done the leg, clips the thigh pad on its way 
6.1 Muhammad Moeez to S Thever, short ball and hit over the mid wicket boundary for another massive SIX. Half-a-Dozen, SWEET!
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