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Almhult CC 101/5 (10 ov)
Seaside CC 103/4 (7.4 ov)
Seaside CC won by 6 wickets
That's it from this game of ECS Gothenberg T10 Match 1, from myself Pradeep Somashekar and my co-commentator Nikhil Kulkarni we sign off from this game. Hope you enjoyed the coverage and stay tuned to Sportskeeda for the live commentary of rest of the matches today! Stay safe and take care!
Seaside CC beat Almhult CC by 6 wickets!

In the end it was comfortable victory for Seaside CC, they were in no trouble to chase this big total from the beginning. Earlier in the innings, Mokthar Ghulami just demolished the bowling to score a quick fire 33(12) 3 boundaries and 3 sixes to take Seaside to an excellent start, once Mokthar perished, it was Rubal Pathak 39(16) with 3 boundaries and 3 sixes, who took the game away from Almhult, scoring the remaining runs in no time. Rubal was able to clear the boundaries with such grace today, timing the ball beautifully as well. In the end turned out to be an easy chase for Seaside CC.

The bowling of Almhult, guess, they missed a trick with the firepower batting of Seaside, with the onslaught of Mokthar and Rubal, they've had no answers and the deliveries were just being belted to the boundaries, someone needed to step up and bowl some dot balls to create pressure, unfortunately that didn't happen for them, this would dent their NRR as well, they need to sort out their bowling plans a bit for the upcoming games!
Rubal Pathak is just timing the ball so gracefully! he's demolished all the plans that Almhult had to win this one, comfortable win for Seaside CC! Rubal hit's a SIX to finish the chase!
7.4 Imran Sabawoon to Rubal Pathak,SIX, Full length on offside, Rubal has driven anything on offside beautifully in the entire innings and this one he has timed it handsomely to backward square leg. That's the end of the innings and a comfortable chase at the end.
7.3 Imran Sabawoon to Rubal Pathak, Good length on offside pushed away to cover fielder.
7.2 Imran Sabawoon to Rubal Pathak, Short ball on middle and leg, Its been dispatched to deep mid-wicket for a six. He is in brilliant form today and any loose delivery will be hammered.
7.1 Imran Sabawoon to Arfan Arif, Good length on middle and off, guided it to point fielder for a single.
Seaside looking to finish this with enough balls left, but Almhult manage to pick up another wicket, Is it too late? SSD are 90/4 after 7 overs!
6.6 Asif Meer to Zahoor Sabir, Short of length hit in the air to long on fielder, Easy catch taken and he is back in pavillion.
6.5 Asif Meer to Rubal Pathak, Full length ball on offside driven to covers. He is timing them beautifully.
6.4 Asif Meer to Zahoor Sabir, Full length on leg worked away to mid-wicket for a single.
6.3 Asif Meer to Zahoor Sabir, Swing and a miss on legside, Tries to hammer it to backward square leg.
6.2 Asif Meer to Rubal Pathak, Full length on offside driven to covers for a single.
6.1 Asif Meer to Rubal Pathak, Full length on legside, flicked to mid-wicket and a overthrow results in two runs.
This is turning out to be very easy for Seaside, they are doing this with ease, Rubal Pathak and Zaboor Sabir taking it on, SSD are 85/3 after 6 overs! Almhult not bowling enough dot balls to create chances to pick up a wicket! Seaside CC need 17 runs in 24 balls!
5.6 Ankit Shah to Rubal Pathak, Full length delivery driven straight down the ground for a single.
5.5 Ankit Shah to Rubal Pathak, Full length on offside, Too much time for the batsmen to free his arms and he has driven it beautifully to covers.
5.4 Ankit Shah to Rubal Pathak, Slowe full toss on offside, Batsmen is completely deceived.
5.4 Ankit Shah to Rubal Pathak, Poor bowling continues, Wide down the legside.
5.3 Ankit Shah to Rubal Pathak, Full length delivery on offside, Smashed to cover boundary.
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