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Overseas CC 96/5 (10 ov)
Overseas CC won by 5 wickets
Player of the match: Andy Naudi
Overseas win the game by 5 wickets and of the last delivery

That was an exceptional game of cricket! Incredible finish by Marks of that last delivery as he struck a massive six with 5 required to win the game. A very topsy-turvy final over. That misfielding by S Patel which got the Overseas a boundary proved to be very costly. Even though the Overseas won the game, credit must be given to the Malta bowlers as they made a tremendous comeback by getting the well-set Naudi and Kleinepunte out. 

On the batting front, it was Naudi (27 of 16) and Kleinepunte (28 of 24) were the pick of the batters for the Malta side even though they couldn't get the side through the finish line by themselves. Gericke (17 of 14) down the order also played an impressive knock. It was however Marks who turned out to be the hero for side by hitting the six of the final delivery. 

On the bowling front, J Patel (9-2) and Z Malek (12-0) were the picks of the bowlers as they got their team back into the game by bowling very economically. Subham Patel chipped in with a valuable wicket by giving away just 17 runs. 

That's it for the Malta side in the tournament as they have been eliminated after losing this game to the Overseas. They would be looking to come back strongly in the next edition by fixing their current loopholes. On the other hand, Overseas would have to win both of their games tomorrow in order to qualify for the semi-finals. They'll be looking forward to taking this momentum into their games tomorrow.

So that was the end of the coverage of this game. Stay tuned to Sportskeeda for the latest news and more match commentaries from games all across the globe. This is my colleague Sameer Deodhar and I, Arpit Shrivastava signing off. Stay fresh!
9.6 Amandeep Ralhan to David Marks, SIX! Full delivery on the pads smoked over the deep mid-wicket fence for the winning six!
9.5 Amandeep Ralhan to David Marks, dances down the track and misses the big swing on a length ball that goes over the stumps. 5 required off the last ball!
9.4 Amandeep Ralhan to David Marks, slower good length delivery on the stumps. Marks goes for the wild swing and the top-edge flies over the keeper for a couple of runs
9.3 Amandeep Ralhan to Sean Byrne, OUT! Dances down for the third time in a row and has a wild swing outside off. The ball takes the outside edge and sits in the keeper's gloves!
9.3 Amandeep Ralhan to Sean Byrne, dances down again and tries to reach a length ball well outside off. It has been called a WIDE
9.2 Amandeep Ralhan to Sean Byrne, FOUR! Dances down the track and clips the full delivery on his pads to deep square leg. Shubham Patel in the deep lets the ball go through his legs to the boundary!
9.1 Amandeep Ralhan to Heinrich Gericke, slower full delivery outside off cut away to the fielder at point. Byrne sprints to the striker's end and completes the sharp single
Great running between the wickets by the batters on the 2nd ball even though they struggled to get the boundaries in the following deliveries. Kleinepunte gets OUT as he seemingly crumbles under the pressure by running for an unwanted 2nd run. Another wicket!!!! This game is turning into an absolute thriller. The Overseas now require 13 runs of the final over. 
8.6 Jitesh Kumar Patel to Deon Vosloo, OUT! Vosloo attempts a big heave on the off-cutter on fourth stump line. The ball took a thin edge to the keeper and Jitesh picks up a wicket!
8.5 Jitesh Kumar Patel to Heinrich Gericke, OUT! Back of a length delivery pitching outside off and running away from the batsman. Heinrich cuts it to short thirdman and then refuses the second on a misfield. Charl had come in for the second and failed to get back in time!
8.4 Jitesh Kumar Patel to Charl Kleinepunte, dances down the track and slaps the back of a length delivery to long-on
8.3 Jitesh Kumar Patel to Charl Kleinepunte, slower length ball well outside off. Charl reaches for it and gets the bottom edge to the keeper on the bounce
8.2 Jitesh Kumar Patel to Charl Kleinepunte, full delivery outside off punched off the backfoot to deep covers for a couple of runs. The throw came in at the wrong end!
8.1 Jitesh Kumar Patel to Heinrich Gericke, full delivery on the pads clipped away to deep square leg and the duo refuse the second
A fairly good over by Malek as he gave just 5 runs from his 6 balls. A disappointing dropped catch by the fielder of that last ball! It's 77-2 after 8 overs with 18 needed of the final 2 overs.
7.6 Zoheb Malek to Heinrich Gericke, short ball turning into the right-hander has been hit straight to extra cover. The fielder DROPPED a simple catch and Heinrich gets a life
7.5 Zoheb Malek to Charl Kleinepunte, another short ball on the stumps pulled to deep mid-wicket. There are two men in the deep and OVR will get just a single
7.4 Zoheb Malek to Charl Kleinepunte, misses a hoick to keep the game in balance
7.3 Zoheb Malek to Charl Kleinepunte, makes room for himself and gets down on one knee to slap the flighted full delivery outside off to long-off. The fielder makes an unnecessary dive allowing the second run
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