97/7 (9)
DNA won by 3 wickets
Player of the match: Qadargul Utmanzai
This has been Bidipto and myself (Rishab) then as we take your leave. Stay tuned to catch all the updates from the final game of the day and do switch tabs to follow all the action from the international games as well!
My word, what a contest this has been! Donaustadt were made to fight hard but they eventually get over the line with an over to spare. They started off on a decent note but kept losing wickets all the way through the chase. Utmanzai kept them going strong from one end and Sahel Zadran, with Obaidullah Omari made some key contributions in the middle. Despite losing wickets, they kept the runs coming that helped them get over the line in the end. 

Austrian Cricket Tigers fought really well. They picked up wickets to keep themselves in the game. They took all of their chances and the fielding was quote exceptional as well. You've got to feel for them as they were pretty much in the game till the very end. A poor finish from Adeel and he will be disappointed to have given it away the way he did. 

ACT can take positives from the way they took this game till the end. That has been another exciting contest here and these two teams will meet again. The Tigers will certainly want to avenge their defeat from this contest while Donaustadt will aim to complete the double. We surely have another thriller on the cards!
Another eventful over this and the drama continues in this contest. Wickets going, boundaries coming and it is all happening folks. Just when things looked good for the Tigers, Adeel has probably given this away. Expensive finish and Donaustadt, despite losing wickets have managed to wrap this up. It does not go to the final over then. What a finish to this contest! 
97 /7 score
cricket bat icon Sahel Zadran *
17 (9)
cricket bat icon Buset Omari
7 (3)
cricket ball icon Adeel Tariq
2 /30
8.6 Adeel Tariq to Sahel Zadran, full toss on middle, sliced away hard but to deep mid-wicket, he runs in and tries to settle under it, but DROPS it, and gives away the winning run!
8.5 Adeel Tariq to Sahel Zadran, WOW! Full on leg, in the slot, and PUMPED over the long-on fielder off a straight bat for SIX! 
8.5 Adeel Tariq to Sahel Zadran, NO BALL! Full toss over waist height and the ball goes through everyone for FOUR BYES too! Bad bad ball!
8.4 Adeel Tariq to Buset Omari, full and into the legs of the batter, he drills it down to long-on to take a run.
8.3 Adeel Tariq to Buset Omari, slower fuller ball outside off, dragged away to long-on but two good runs get taken.
8.2 Adeel Tariq to Buset Omari, GOOD SHOT! Full and wide outside off, too much room to free the arms and hit away well, over cover, in the gap for FOUR! 
Buset Omari, RHB, comes to the crease
Austrian Tigers continue to chip away and their catching has just been brilliant here. Another one down! 
8.1 Adeel Tariq to Baseer Khan, WICKET! Full on off, hit in the air off the crease, but it did not get well timed and long-off running in takes a smart CATCH diving low to his right and gets his man! 
Baseer Khan c Umair Tariq b Adeel Tariq 1 (2b, 0x4, 0x6)
Adeel Tariq comes back into the attack
Well well, this cintest is shaping up towards a brilliant end. Afzal getting the big wicket of Omari but Sahel Zadran getting in a much-needed maximum to keep them in the hunt. A battle of nerves now this so to say. Who will come out on top? This continues to be tight. 19 more off 12 needed!
78 /6 score
cricket bat icon Sahel Zadran *
10 (6)
cricket bat icon Baseer Khan
1 (1)
cricket ball icon Adal Afzal
1 /14
7.6 Adal Afzal to Sahel Zadran, full on off, good pace on the ball and the batter has a swing, but misses, good ball, dot ball. The keeper could have done better.
7.5 Adal Afzal to Sahel Zadran, SHOT! Full outside off, but in the arc, and hit away over cow corner off the slog-sweep for SIX! 
7.4 Adal Afzal to Baseer Khan, slow and short outside off and flat batted to deep cover for a run.
Baseer Khan, RHB, comes to the crease