ACT won by 5 wickets
Player of the match: Ahsan Yousuf
Right then, this has been Bidipto and myself (Rishab) and that is all we have from this game. More ECS T10 coming your way and we also have cricketing action from across lined up as well. So do stay tuned to catch it all, the day is only getting started folks!
Right then, Austrian Cricket Tigers begin the day with a win and pull off a successful run-chase in the end. They started well in the powerplay and kept the runs coming despite losing a few wickets at the top. A team effort in the chase as they had contributions from Asif, Yousuf, Mirza Ahsan at crucial stages to make sure they were never under pressure and had things under control all the way through. 

Indian Vienna tried their best and fought hard but they did not have enough runs on the board. They did pick up a few wickets but that final over in their batting innings could certainly have cost them this game. They will walk away with a positive though, of them recovering from a horrible start first up. 

However, Indian Vienna are under pressure and the next fixture where these two sides will meet again now becomes a must-win game for them to stay alive in the competition. They will have to come out all guns blazing while Austrian Cricket Tigers, who have gained early momentum, will look to complete the double over their opponents for the day!
Done and dusted with that! Austrain Cricket Tiger eventually getting over the line comfortably despite losing a few wickets. Just about an over to spare and Indian Vienna did put up a fight but it wasn't good enough on this occasion. ACT win by 5 wickets!
8.4 Sumer Shergill to Naveed Hussain, slower ball, full on off, dragged away hard to deep mid-wicket almost, it drops short of the fielder running in and the batters take the two runs required to win the match! Austrain Cricket Tigers are the victors!
8.3 Sumer Shergill to Naveed Hussain, THAT'S BIG! Over the wicket, short on middle, easily put away off the back foot, over deep backward square-leg and it is a SIX after the fielder in the deep misses it! 
Naveed Hussain, RHB, comes to the crease
8.2 Sumer Shergill to Ahsan Yousuf, WHAT A CATCH! Short outside off and pulled away hard off the back foot to deep mid-wicket, and the fielder in the deep jumps up in the air, times his jump right, sticks out his right hand after getting himself in a wrong position, and takes a BLINDER! 
Ahsan Yousuf c A GopalKrishnan b Sumer Shergill 24 (19b, 1x4, 2x6)
8.1 Sumer Shergill to Ahsan Yousuf, fuller on off and it cuts back in to beat the batter on the front foot! 
8.1 Sumer Shergill to Ahsan Yousuf, round the wicket, WIDE outside off! OH DEAR!
Sumer Shergill comes into the attack
Austrian Cricket Tigers getting closer to the finish with ease despite losing a wicket here. The coming over could probably be the final one of this game unless Indian Vienna pull off a miraculous effort from here. Doesn't seem likely though. Just 7 runs needed off 12 deliveries!
0 /0 score
cricket ball icon Abhishek Gopalakrishnan
7.6 Abhishek Gopalakrishnan to Ahsan Yousuf, good length ball outside off, batter stays back and dabs it to the left of backward point to steal a single! 
7.5 Abhishek Gopalakrishnan to Adnan Haider, full on off, and well driven to long-off from the front foot for one.
7.4 Abhishek Gopalakrishnan to Adnan Haider, BOUNDARY! Short and slow on middle, but pulled away in the gap behind square for FOUR off the back foot! 
Adnan Haider, RHB, comes to the crease
7.3 Abhishek Gopalakrishnan to Mirza Ahsan, WICKET! Fuller outside off, hit up in the air but without a solid connection and long-on comes into the picture and takes a good CATCH! 
Mirza Ahsan c G Shamsher b Abhishek Gopalkrishnan 26 (13b, 2x4, 2x6)
7.2 Abhishek Gopalakrishnan to Mirza Ahsan, fuller on the pads, batter goes for the big swing and misses out! Dot ball.
7.1 Abhishek Gopalakrishnan to Ahsan Yousuf, fuller outside off, driven square to backward point off the front foot for one.