Laborie Bay Royals 83/4 (10 ov)
Babonneau Leatherbacks 84/7 (9.1 ov)
Babonneau Leatherbacks won by 3 wickets
That's a comprehensive victory for the Babboneau Leatherbacks. Tight bowling, clever batting and steady fielding, Leatherbacks outclassed their opponents in every department. The win has given them an outside chance as they move to 7th place in the  table with 2 points in 4 games. 84 was not a big target but it was definitely a tricky one. Leatherbacks lost regular wickets but a maintained a healthy run rate which ensured that they were never too much behind the game. Zayee Antoine put a real exhibition of his talent and stood tall amidst crumbling wickets. He was the difference between the two sides. Had it not been his masterful innings of 41 from 24 deliveries, things could have been different.
So that's it for the day but don't forget to tune it to Sportskeeda for the next match between South Castries Lions and Soufriere Sulphir at 10 PM IST tomorrow. Till then it's me, Faham signing off along with my mate, Dwijesh Reddy. Ta Ta!
Result : Babboneau Leatherbacks beats Laborie Bay Royals by 3 wickets
9.1 S George to Z Antoine, short ball on middle stump, Antoine doesn't get hold of it but comes around for the winnings runs! The Leatherbacks beat Bay Royals by three wickets and finally notch up a win in the St Lucia T10 Blast 2020
Score update : BLS 82/7 after 9 overs. Leatherbacks need 2 runs to win from the last over. 
8.6 R Moses to Z Antoine, full ball on off-stump, Antoine calmly plays it down the ground for a run. He will retain strike for the final over
8.5 R Moses to Z Antoine, a low full-toss angled towards leg, raps the batsman on the pads.
8.4 R Moses to Z Antoine, SIX! Antoine has absolutely clobbered a full-ball for a massive six over midwicket! 
8.3 R Moses to T Pierre, full ball on middle stump, Pierre pushes it to deep midwicket for a two but goes for the extra run off an over throw and is run out!
8.3 R Moses to T Pierre, wide, not what you need at this moment!
8.2 R Moses to Z Antoine, full ball on leg-stump, Antoine plays it to long-on for a run!
8.1 R Moses to Z Antoine, RUN-OUT! There was never a run there as Antoine hits it straight to the short cover fielder. Wilfred is halfway down the pitch and is easily run-out by Moses!
Score update : BLS 71 /5.  That should be the game for BLS. 14 off the over and Leatherbacks are almost there. They need 13 runs to win from 12 deliveries. 
7.6 S George to Z Antoine, fired on to the pads and Antoine tucks it to fine-leg for a run!
7.5 S George to Z Antoine, SIX! Is that the game for the Leatherbacks? Full ball this time and Antoine smashes it over long-on for a huge six!
7.4 S George to Z Antoine, DROPPED AND FOUR! Another short ball from George, which is pulled straight to the fielder at deep midwicket, who misses it completely in the sun!
7.3 S George to N Wilfred, short ball on off-stump, Wilfred rocks back and pulls it to the leg side for a run
7.2 S George to S Abraham, RUN-OUT! A full ball on off-stump and Abraham mistimes one to deep midwicket and takes the fielder on. But the return is good and the keeper runs him out. Abraham is furious with the decision and kicks the bat!
7.1 S George to Z Antoine, short and on leg stump, Antoine pulls it straight to the man at deep midwicket
Score update : BLS 57/4 in 7 overs. That's a stunning over by Moses. A wicket and 4 runs off the over. Leatheracks still need need 27 off 18. Is there a twist in the tail? We'll find out soon.
6.6 R Moses to Z Antoine, a short ball outside off, Antoine slaps it down the ground for another run!
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