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Badalona Shaheen CC 126/8 (10 ov)
Punjab Warriors 78/7 (10 ov)
Badalona Shaheen CC won by 48 runs.
Player of the match: Malik-Sami Ur-Rehman
That is pretty much it from this game. Switch tabs for the upcoming game between Black Panthers and Falco.Thank you for joining us. This was Vasudev and Pradeep. Signing off.
For the Pujab Warriors, Tejpal Singh was the highest scorer, 46 runs off 32 balls. He fell 4 runs short of his half century. No one else stood by him. Umai Raza speeded to 12 runs, playing a kind of cameo. 2 batsmen fell on duck. They were under a huge pressure from the start. Did not utilize the powerplay and clearly couldn't read any of Malik Sami's incoming balls. A dissapointing display of cricket by Punjab Warriors. Could have atleast gotten closer to the total. Only positives for them would be Gagandeep Singh's bowling and Tejpal Singh's batting.
Badalona Shaheenhave won yet another match by putting up a huge score on the board with one of their top order batsmen scoring a vital half century and later their bowling unit choking the opponent to seal a large victory. They have won this match by 48 runs. Bilawal Khan put forward the first steps for victory by playing a vital knock of 62 runs. It was pure carnage by him, banging each bowler's ball into the stands. While defending. Adeel Abbas started with a brilliant over, givinig just 3 runs. The pressure kept mounting on Punjab Warriors. Then came Malik Sami ur Rehman. He was the highlight of the day. Bagged a hat trick in his very first over and took away all hopes of Punjab Warrior's win. It was the 5th hat trick of UCS. He bagged 4 wickets in total, giving away just 10 runs. Adeel Abbas and Qasir Hussain assisted him, giving away just 6 and 9 runs respectively in their spell. Adeel got a wicket as well. Babar Khan went for the maximum runs, 23 in his single over. 

Over: 10 | Summary: 6 W 1 W 0 0 Bowler: Babar Khan Score: 77/7
9.6 Bilawal Khan to Sharma Manish, THAT'S IT! Badalona Shaheen pull off a stunning performance in this game, both with the bat and the ball and win this game by a huge margin. Full delivery on the off-stump line as Sharma walks down the track and drills that one down to mid-off and has no interest to run
9.5 Bilawal Khan to Sharma Manish, short delivery on the outside off. Sharma with no foot work looks to cut that one away but misses, through to the keeper
9.4 Bilawal Khan to Masood Sarfraz, RUN-OUT! Yorker on the leg-stump line as Masood looks to hoick it and misses. Tejpal was very late to get off as they decide to steal a single and the keeper does well to dart the throw into the stumps and Tejpal perishes!
9.3 Bilawal Khan to Tejpal Singh, DROPPED! Short delivery into Tejpal on the off-stump as he walks down the track for room and looks to hoick and top edges towards cover region as the fielder was slow towards that and lets that one fall safely in the end as they run a single
9.2 Bilawal Khan to Tejpal Singh, RUN-OUT! Touch short on the outside off. Tejpal walks down the track and swats that one away to the extra cover region as they come back for a brace but Jujhar was late and the bowler whips the bails off
9.1 Bilawal Khan to Tejpal Singh, SIX! BANG! Full toss on the outside off. Tejpal walks down the track and SMOKES that one well over the long-off fielder and sails over his head for a maximum!
57 runs required off the last over. Seems funny. Tejpal Singh's inning will surely provide some confidence to him and Warriors. Bilawal Khan will be bowling the final over to be done with the game.
Over: 9 | Summary: W 0 1 1w 1 1 0 Bowler: Adeel Abbas Score: 70/5
8.6 Adeel Abbas to Tejpal Singh, slower delivery, full on the outside off. Tejpal goes down on his knee and fetches that one from outside off and swats that one to the deep mid-wicket for a single
8.5 Adeel Abbas to Jujhar Singh, full delivery into Jujhar on the leg-stump line as he looks to whip it away but misses and that hits the pads in the end as they pick up a single
8.4 Adeel Abbas to Tejpal Singh, full toss on to the body of Tejpal as he walks down the track and swats that one away to the deep mid-wicket region for a single
8.4 Adeel Abbas to Tejpal Singh, WIDE! Slower delivery and went wayward as Tejpal walks down the track to hoick it. Umpire calls that a wide
8.3 Adeel Abbas to Jujhar Singh, low full toss on the off-stump as Jujhar drives that one down the ground to long-on for a single
8.2 Adeel Abbas to Jujhar Singh, OH DEAR! Another yorker on the outside off as Jujhar fails to get his bat in time and misses, had that one on the money, he would've been a goner
Such wins will also help Badalona to go up the points table with their net run rate increasing. They won their last match with 70 odd runs. They can win this one with approximately the same margin.
8.1 Adeel Abbas to Umair Raza, OUT! TIMBER! Perfect yorker on the middle and off, right on the money. Raza had no answers to it as he looks to get his bat down in time to dig it out but misses, rattles the stumps in the end!
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