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Baneasa Cricket Club 91/6 (10 ov)
Cluj 94/3 (9.2 ov)
Cluj won by 7 wickets
The game that lasted 19.2 overs saw more twists and turns than the number of deliveries bowled. No team looked in complete control of the match at any point in the game!

Coming to the second innings, Sivakumar Periyalwar scored 30 runs off 17 balls with some classic textbook cover drives and flicks shots. He was ably supported by Vasu Saini, who scored an unbeaten 32 off 23 balls and hit 3 boundaries and 2 sixes! Taranjeet Singh and Nishant Devre also got starts but fell victim to the continuous shift in momentum.

Peter Masiah was the star of the second innings for BAC, who bowled excellent 12 balls, conceded a meagre 5 runs and picked the wickets of the danger men Periyalwar and Devre to keep his team in the hunt. In the end, CLJ chased down the target of 92 runs with 4 balls to spare and 7 wickets in hand.

That's it from Match 1 of the ECS Romania T10 2020 and I (Sameer Deodhar) sign-off on behalf of my colleague Abhinav Singh and myself. Stay tuned for Match 2 which will begin shortly!
9.2 Supinder Hayer to Vasu Saini, FOUR! back of length delivery on middle and off, Vasu stands tall and slaps the ball straight down the ground to long on for a boundary to finish the chase! A convincing victory for Cluj Cricket Club in the end here!
9.1 Supinder Hayer to Vasu Saini, short of length delivery onto the body of Vasu who unhurriedly taps it straight to point for no run! 2 required off 5! 
For the sake of my heart, this has to be the final shift of momentum in this match! CLJ need just 2 runs off the final over and Peter Masiah has finished his spell! Supinder Hayer running in with the ball. Here we go..
8.6 Zafar Ullah to Vasu Saini, back of length ball on the middlestump, flicked to deep midwicket for a single 
8.5 Zafar Ullah to Vasu Saini, FOUR! low fulltoss on offstump and Vasu took full measure of it by lifting the ball over infield to covers for a boundary!
8.4 Zafar Ullah to Vasu Saini, tossed up delivery and the set batsman missed the line of the ball completely 
8.3 Zafar Ullah to Gaurav Mishra, length ball on the stumps, driven down the ground for a single after the bowler failed to collect the ball in his follow-through!
8.2 Zafar Ullah to Vasu Saini, length ball tailing into the batsman which hits him on the pads and rolls onto cover point! The batsmen take single of legbye 
8.2 Zafar Ullah to Vasu Saini, bowled down the legside, WIDE signaled by the umpire
8.1 Zafar Ullah to Vasu Saini, FOUR! short ball on the body, Vasu swiveled in his crease and creamed the ball behind square for an important boundary! The momentum has shifted for the nth time in the last 18.1 overs and right now, it is with CLJ!
Peter Masiah has conceded just two runs in the over and got the important wicket of the left-handed Nishant Devre! If BAC had three wishes, they would want Masiah to bowl another over here!

CLJ 76/3 (8.0)
7.6 Peter Masiah to Nishant Devre, TIMBER! length ball pitching on middle and off, the batsman tried to play over the delivery but the ball kept a little low and it took the bottom edge of the bat onto the stumps which are scattered all along the ground! The wicket was around the corner given the way Peter was bowling! There was no need to go for the big heave but the pressure from that over might've induced the false shot!
7.5 Peter Masiah to Nishant Devre, fuller length delivery on offstump, mistimed straight back to the bowler! No run!
7.4 Peter Masiah to Vasu Saini, low fulltoss on offstump, driven to sweeper cover for a single only 
7.3 Peter Masiah to Vasu Saini, length ball bowled way outside off on a sixth stump line and batsman tries to poke on it whilst stuck in the crease! DOT ball
7.2 Peter Masiah to Nishant Devre, low fulltoss swinging down the legside, hits the batsman on pads and he goes around for a leisurely single 
7.1 Peter Masiah to Nishant Devre, fast back of length delivery on the stumps, the batsman played all over it and missed the line completely 
CLJ have managed to get a stronghold onto this game with a 14-run over at such a crucial juncture! Mesiah would have to deliver and get these two batsmen out to once again snatch the momentum from the batting side!

CLJ 74/2 (7.0) need 18 runs off 18 balls!
6.6 Umair Mir to Nishant Devre, length delivery on fifth stump line, driven to extra cover fielder for a single 
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