Vienna Afghan CC 142/5 (10 ov)
Bangladesh Austria 133/4 (10 ov)
Vienna Afghan CC won by 9 runs.
Player of the match: Iqbal Hossain
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Vienna Afghan beat Bangladesh Austria by 9 runs!

After putting up a massive 142 runs on the board, the Vienna Afghan bowlers were instrumental in pulling things back after the Bangladesh Austria got off to a flier. Hassan Ashfaq got them off to a flier as he smacked a 9-ball 19 while Zayed Shahid played second fiddle, scoring a run-a-ball 9 before being cleaned up by the Ishaq Safi. 

Tauqir Asif was unable to make a significant contribution in this match as he was dismissed for a 4-ball 1. Gill Singh's poor day continued as after dropping two catches, Singh played a painstakingly slow knock which saw him score a 9-ball 6 before a run-out ended his misery at the crease. However, the Bangladesh Austria were not obliterated completely courtesy of Iqbal Hossain, who was in fine form. 

Hossain held his ground and dispatched the bowlers all around the park after being given a life earlier in the contest. The right-handed batsman single-handedly carried his team to a total which reduced the margin of defeat to one which will not significantly hurt the Net Run-Rate of Bangladesh Austria. Hossain's unbeaten 32-ball 83 run knock went in vain as they were beaten by a bare margin of 9 runs. The Bangladesh Austria will certainly regret conceding a plethora of runs in the first innings and had they restricted them to just 10-15 runs less, they most likely would have ended up on the winning side today. 

As for the bowlers, Ishaq Safi was the pick of the bowlers as he returned with almost magical figures of 2-9 from his two overs while Noor Ahmadzai was quite economical as well, conceding just 16 runs off his two overs. The other bowlers faced the wrath of Hossain and had dismal economies. 
Over: 10 | Summary: 1w 4 W 1w 6 7nb 1w 6 0 Bowler: Islamuddin Omerkhel Score: 127/4
9.6 Islamuddin Omerkhel to Iqbal Hossain, WHERE WAS THIS ALL THIS TIME? On a length in the channel, Iqbal swings across the line to end up getting beaten and that will do it for Vienna Afghan at last! They were cruising and somehow found themselves heading towards an anticlimax before clinching this game by 9 runs!
9.5 Islamuddin Omerkhel to Iqbal Hossain, SIX! ANOTHER BIGGIE! A full toss at the stumps and Iqbal clears his front leg and slogs it on one knee over square leg! Omerkhel has 10 to defend off the last delivery but he's having such a nightmarish over that a no ball or a wide can't be ruled out!
9.5 Islamuddin Omerkhel to Iqbal Hossain, WIDE! SHEER FILTH FROM OMERKHEL! Dishes out a full toss down leg, quite high as well but it is given a wide!
9.4 Islamuddin Omerkhel to Iqbal Hossain, SIX! SIX MORE! Banged short at the stumps and Iqbal gives himself room before swatting a pull over the mid-wicket region! The ball is lost into the grass banks beyond the fence! IT WAS THAT MASSIVE! 
9.4 Islamuddin Omerkhel to Iqbal Hossain, SIX! NO BALL AS WELL! Sends down a very high full toss at the stumps and Iqbal swipes it high over square leg and clears the ropes by some distance!
9.3 Islamuddin Omerkhel to Iqbal Hossain, SIX! MASSIVE A length delivery outside off, gets underneath it and smothers it high over long off to clear the fence!
9.3 Islamuddin Omerkhel to Iqbal Hossain, WIDE! Way down leg-side, the inevitable will be delayed by a delivery!
9.2 Islamuddin Omerkhel to Iqbal Hossain, RUN OUT! SUMS UP THE OUTING FOR BANGLADESH AUSTRIA! Fired very full near the boots and pins Iqbal on the pads, the LBW appeal is turned down but the fielder sees Gill charge across for some reason and fires the ball through to the bowler who comfortably flicks off the bails!
9.1 Islamuddin Omerkhel to Iqbal Hossain, FOUR! Full toss on the pads, picked up through the fine leg region as the ball races away to the ropes!
9.1 Islamuddin Omerkhel to Iqbal Hossain, WIDE! Full and outside leg-stump, Iqbal leaps out of the way to let it through to the keeper!
Over: 9 | Summary: 2 6 0 1w 1 2 0 Bowler: Sahel Zadran Score: 101/3
8.6 Sahil Zadran to Gill Singh, back of a length outside off, slapped hard towards point on the up. Iqbal denies the single as he wants to face the last over himself!
8.5 Sahil Zadran to Gill Singh, on a length at the stumps, opens the face and punches it along the ground as long on picks up; the batsmen complete a brace!
8.4 Sahil Zadran to Iqbal Hossain, on a length around off, thumped down the ground towards long off
8.4 Sahil Zadran to Iqbal Hossain, WIDE! Short but way over the batsman's head outside off; Zadran will have to reload!
8.3 Sahil Zadran to Iqbal Hossain, back of a length at the stumps, pulled straight to mid-wicket
8.2 Sahil Zadran to Iqbal Hossain, SIX! Not quite where he intended to hit it! In the slot on middle and leg, Iqbal has a wristy swipe towards the leg-side but the ball shoots high over long off and manages to clear the fence! WELL WELL!
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