Raval Sporting CC 179/1 (10 ov)
Bangladesh Kings CC 97/7 (10 ov)
Raval Sporting CC won by 82 runs.
Player of the match: Karan Datta
Fair to say that Raval have blown away the Bangladesh Kings! A massive 82-run win after having posted a humungous total of 179 on the board. The Kings, had only one way to go about the chase, which they quite obviously failed to do! It did look at the start like they were going to pose some contest but eventually, the pressure of the scoreboard getting the better of them as they kept losing wickets and could not keep up with the giant asking rate. Nothing going right for them and this has to be a game for them to forget, as quickly as they can. Raval outplaying them in all departments as we saw an absolutely brutal 103-run feast from Karan Datta, the highlight of the game as well. 

Saqib Muhammad was the only batsmen for the Kings who looked good but that was never going to be even any near of enough as the rest of the batsmen failed to get going. Couple of wickets each for Sonu Jangra and Dawood Masood as Raval managed to restrict the Kings to a total of under hundred runs. The bowlers had the cushion of the runs but it still required some work to keep them down and so they did. Not letting the batsmen have any opportunity of even getting close to the target in the end. 

Two massive wins on the trot for Raval, this one being even bigger and better and they have been a force to reckon with this season! Unstoppable with as many as eight wins in a row now and they sit well on top of the Group C table consolidating their spot in grand fashion. Back to back wins of this sort will only do tons and tons of good to the confidence of the team, the players and this will be a win they will not forget in a long time. Some wonderful cricket we have witnessed with all the brutal hitting and that is how this format has been! That has been Rishab and my colleague Navjeevan as we now take your leave. Plenty more of action coming your way. Do not go anywhere!
A brilliant spell from Masood then to end this game, which was as good as done quite a while ago! Eight wins in a row for Raval and they are unstoppable at the moment. Another massive win for them with things going their way and an all-round dominant performance this has been. An 82-run win as they are well ahead in the table only to strengthen their position as they go further in this tournament!
Over: 10 | Summary: 1 1 1b 2 0 0 Bowler: Dawood Masood Score: 0/0
9.6 Dawood Masood to Moynul Islam, GIVEN OUT LBW! Full and straight, the batsman looks to flick that ball towards leg side misses to find some bat on that one was struck on the pads right in front of the stumps and the umpire had no hesitation whatsoever to give that one OUT!!
9.5 Dawood Masood to Moynul Islam, full and outside off, the batsman drives that one straight to the cover fielder, the batsman decides not to take a single
9.4 Dawood Masood to Moynul Islam, full and outside off, the batsman drives that ball towards covers and comes back for a second
9.3 Dawood Masood to Hussain Aminul, back of a length, the batsman is ramped on the thighs as the ball goes past the keeper and the batsamn sneak in a leg bye
9.2 Dawood Masood to Moynul Islam, full and outside off again the batsman pushes that ball down the ground for a single
9.1 Dawood Masood to Hussain Aminul, full and outside off, the batsman works that ball towards mid-wicket for a single
Mohammad Rahul looking to get some bug hits towards the end here, eventually getting stumped trying too hard and that is another wicket going down as well. Six down now as we get into the final over of the game! Raval have had a huge morning today, winning their first game by a big margin and on course for an even bigger and better win here!
Over: 9 | Summary: 1 1 6 0 4 W Bowler: Faizan Ahmad Score: 92/5
8.6 Faizan Ahmad to MD Rahul, STUMPED!! Tossed on the full outside off, the batsman comes down the track as the ball turns away from him, he misses and the keeper whips off the bails in a flash!!
8.5 Faizan Ahmad to MD Rahul, BOUNDARY!! Tossed on the full and hit down the ground, one bounce and over the ropes, four runs!!
8.4 Faizan Ahmad to MD Rahul, tossed on the full and outside off, the batsman swing and misses
8.3 Faizan Ahmad to MD Rahul, MAXIMUM!! Flighted on the stumps, the batsman waits on that one and CLOBBERS this one towards sqauer leg region for six runs!!
8.2 Faizan Ahmad to Hussain Aminul, tossed on the full outside off, the batsman cuts that one towards point for a single
8.1 Faizan Ahmad to MD Rahul, tossed on the full and pushed down the ground for a single
Raval continue to chip away now as this game looks like a mere formality! This has been a thoroughly dominating performance from Raval as they continue to go from strength to strength in this tournament. Excellent over from Masood that not giving anything away, getting a wicket as well! This game well out of the reach for the Kings now and all they can do is try and get in some big blows to finish on a high at least!
100 off 12 needed 
Over: 8 | Summary: 0 W 0 0 0 0 Bowler: Dawood Masood Score: 80/4
7.6 Dawood Masood to Hussain Aminul, fuller, the batsman ties to get some bat on it and fails once again, that's the dot to finish the over
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