Skyways 93/7 (10 ov)
Bangladesh Kings CC 97/0 (7.2 ov)
Bangladesh Kings CC won by 10 wickets
Player of the match: Muhammad Masood
Rabi Asif got the Skyways off to a flier as the blistering start saw them reach 40 in 3 overs. He carried his side with a 31 ball 63, in an innings that consisted of 10 boundaries( 4 4's and 6 6's). None of the other batsmen really chipped in though and once Sofiqul Islam got the wicket of Asif, the others fell like a stack of cards. Just 4 runs and 3 wickets from Moynul Islam restricted the Skyways to 93/7, from their 10 overs.

The Bangladesh Kings got off to a slow start, with Shakil Mia and Muhammad Masood taking the cautious approach. That approach didn't last for too long for Masood though, who got himself in and clobbered Jonson Gill for 32 runs in the 7th over, to get to his half-century and take this game away from the Skyways. Mia from the other end, continued to play anchor, as the two made easy work of this run chase to see their side through!

The torrid run for the Skyways continue, but Bangladesh Kings continue to march on in their pursuit of the top spot. Muhammad Masood has been adjudged man of the match for his 30 ball 59. No surprises there.

That's it from my friend, Ankit and myself, Pratyush. Stay tuned with Sportskeeda to catch the final game of the day, where the Skyways take on Minhaj and also for all the cricketing action around the globe. Until then, stay safe and wear your masks. See ya!
It's all over! Shakil Mia completes the formalities and finishes things off in style!! Bangladesh Kings win by 10 wickets.
Over: 8 | Summary: 1 6 Bowler: Rabi Asif Score: 0/0
7.2 Rabi Asif to Shakil Mia, SIX! Shakil Mia to finish it off in style. He was being patient to watch Masood do most of the work, but he completes the formalities. Low full toss that is pumped away over deep square leg for a maximum for the win. 
7.1 Rabi Asif to Muhammad Masood, full pitched delivery on the pads, nicked away to square leg for a run. 
WOW! Oh that's some brut force on display there! Not a good day for Gill's. One got out on a duck earlier today and there other over here gets absolutely hammered all over the park! This one's done and dusted! Masood, you beauty!

Just 4 runs needed now in 18 deliveries.
Over: 7 | Summary: 6 5nb 6 2 6 6 1 Bowler: Jonson Gill Score: 90/0
6.6 Johnson Gill to Muhammad Masood, another swing taken from the big man Masood, but long off makes a joke of himself dropping the sitter. 
6.5 Johnson Gill to Muhammad Masood, SIX! That is brutal. The ball taking some serious beating from Masood. He gets some width on the ball that is good and outside off, swung it with raw power to go over third man for another maximum. 
Masood's hitting it so powerfully, his bat grip is loose. The umpire just helping him out with that, to give Gill a rest.
6.4 Johnson Gill to Muhammad Masood, SIX! Thrashed on the leg side this one. Shortish delivery on the off stump, Masood has no problem in freeing his arms, pulls it over deep square leg for a maximum. That brings up his fifty as well!
6.3 Johnson Gill to Muhammad Masood, good length delivery outside off stump, driven with perfection to deep cover who does really well to stop the four. Great effort in the field to throw the ball back in while falling over the line.
6.2 Johnson Gill to Muhammad Masood, SIX! Up up and away! Good length delivery, coming into the in form batsman who smokes it over deep mid wicket for another maximum. 
6.2 Johnson Gill to Muhammad Masood, no ball and a FOUR! Poor delivery goes wide outside the pitch beats the keeper as well, and that'll be a free hit.
6.1 Johnson Gill to Muhammad Masood, SIX! Good length delivery in the slot for Masood, who does no wrong in dispatching this one over deep mid wicket who can watch the ball go over him. 
Jonson Gill comes into the attack.
Good over for the Kings there, getting 9 runs of it. Definitely in control of this run chase now, with Mia and Masood making it look like a walk in the park.

36 runs in balls 24 needed.
Over: 6 | Summary: 2 6 0 1lb 1 1 Bowler: Hamad Khalid Score: 58/0
5.6 Hamad Khalid to Muhammad Masood, full on the pads dragged onto deep mid wicket for another run. 
5.5 Hamad Khalid to Shakil Mia, overpitched this one, drilled to long off for a run. 
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