127/7 (20)
131/3 (18.3)
AFG won by 7 wickets
Player of the match: Mujeeb Ur Rahman
That brings us to the end of our coverage for this match. Bangladesh and Sri Lanka will now contest for the other Super 4 berth from Group B. They go up against each other on Thursday, and with the incidents from the recent past between these two teams and the prize at stage, one can be assured of a fiery contest being at hand! Tomorrow, though, Hong Kong play their first game of the 2022 Asia Cup against India, who'll look to seal a Super 4s spot with two wins in their two matches as well! We'll be back covering that game and a lot more, for the time being, this is the trio of Sooryanarayanan, Pratyush and Rajarshi, signing off, wishing you a very good night!
Mujeeb Ur Rahman, Player Of The Match: I'd like to congratulate my entire nation and my teammates. My strength is bowling with the new ball. I have played in Sharjah before, so I have an idea of the conditions. My plan was to bowl wicket to wicket, and that worked for me.
Mohammad Nabi, Afghanistan captain: Everyone knows Rashid and Mujeeb are world-class bowlers. They showed their ability and talent once again, that's why we were in the game in the first 10 overs and got 6 wickets. We took early wickets, which put the opposition under pressure. Afghanistan have a lot of power hitters, that's why we didn't throw early wickets away. The top order played a decent role. Najib was brilliant, he finished the game. At times in the powerplay, Gurbaz tried a lot but wasn't hitting it well because the pitch was slow and low, Shakib bowled well in the first few overs.
Shakib Al Hasan (Bangladesh Captain): It's always tough when you lose four wickets in the first 7-8 overs. I thought we were just 10-15 runs short given the wicket we had. Our bowlers bowled exceptionally well in the first 15 overs. In a T20 game whoever stands up should make sure to play through the innings. Mosaddek batted well but unfortunately his contribution wasn't enough. Najibullah Zadran is a dangerous player. To concede 60 runs in the last four overs on this pitch wasn't good. We thought we had the game (in the bag) but credit goes to the way Najibullah played.
Najibullah Zadran: The wicket was such that the ball kept low. I looked to hit straight. I looked to play my natural game so I just looked to hit it straight.
Match summary:
Bangladesh won the toss and opted to bat

Bangladesh 1st innings 127/7 (20 Overs)
Mosaddek Hossain Saikat 48*(31) | Mujeeb-ur-Rahman 3/16 (4)

Afghanistan 2nd innings 131/3 (18.3 Overs)
Najbullah Zadran 43*(17) | Shakib Al Hasan 1/13 (4)

Afghanistan win by 7 wickets with 9 balls to spare.

Who says low-scoring contests are not fun, eh? That was as exciting as it gets! Bangladesh looked down and out for most of that contest, hanging in there courtesy of Mossadek Hossain's heroics with the bat. The tamed tigers roared back to give it their all with the ball in hand but that didn't prove to be enough in the end. 

Shakib led from the front alongside Mossadek and Mahedi to strangle the Afghan batters with spin up front. Gurbaz couldn't repeat his fireworks from game one, while Zazai struggled throughout as well. Ibrahim, though, hung in there till the end. He was the glue to this innings, starting off extremely slowly before switching gears effectively in the end. 

The headlines though, will be stolen by Najibullah Zadran. The left-hander came in and seemingly batted on a different surface, hitting six sixes on his way to a 17-ball 43. His side needed over 10-runs an over entering into the death but he's finished off the game with an over to spare.

Mustafizur Rahman's third over proved to be the one that led to Bangladesh's downfall. He conceded 17 off that over, before Saifuddin conceded 22 in the next over. That was the turning point in the game, snatching it away from Bangladesh, who will be crestfallen after giving it their all.
There were doubts. A few of them, even after Afghanistan restricted Bangladesh to a mere 127. But why fear when Najibullah is here! Tonks a full delivery down the ground, raises his arms, and the Afghanistan cricket team are jubilant, hugs and high fives all around their dressing room! Shakib Al Hasan sports a forlorn look, his side have just conceded a 7-wicket defeat to Afghanistan, who sail through to the Super 4s with two victories in two group matches!
18.3 Mosaddek Hossain to Najibullah Zadran, SIX! YES! HE! CAN! NAJIBULLAH ZADRAN, REMEMBER THE NAME! An unbelievable blitzkrieg out of the screws and he has annihilated the Bangladeshi attack. In the arc outside off and he launches it gun barrel straight over the bowler's head with a steady base. Such a strong bottom hand that he has and he uses it to great effect again to wrap up this contest. Afghanistan win by 7 wickets and sail through to the Super Four stage!
18.2 Mosaddek Hossain to Ibrahim Zadran, dropped short on middle and leg, Ibrahim rocks back and miscues it over square leg. Drops well into the outfield though before the fielder picks up by the ropes as the batters cross over. Will Najib seal it in style?
18.1 Mosaddek Hossain to Ibrahim Zadran, slider on a full length on leg stump, Ibrahim clips it to short mid-wicket, no run
Mosaddek Hossain Saikat (2-0-5-1) is back into the attack
There were doubts as to who'd take the mantle of finishing the game with the required rate creeping up to a point where almost 2 runs were required every delivery. Some were compelled to think whether Rashid Khan would replicate some of his IPL heroics, he doesn't need to today! Najibullah Zadran has taken them to the brink with some more fine exhibition of clean hitting, calm as you like!
124 /3 score
cricket bat icon Ibrahim Zadran
41 (39)
cricket bat icon Najibullah Zadran *
37 (16)
cricket ball icon Mohammad Saifuddin
1 /27
17.6 Mohammad Saifuddin to Najibullah Zadran, SIX MORE! HE'S BURIED THIS GAME FOR GOOD! Right in the slotsville outside off again and that's asking for trouble. Zadran hangs deep and mousses a towering hit over long off for another half-a-dozen. What an innings this is turning out to be and Afghanistan, out of nowhere, are just four runs away!
17.5 Mohammad Saifuddin to Najibullah Zadran, SIX! HOW DID HE DO THAT? RIDICULOUS! Slower delivery dug into the track around off stump, Najib hops 180 degrees clockwise and swats it off his bottom hand that goes up from below. It's a forearm slap of sorts and he sends it soaring over the fine leg fence with sheer power! WOW!
17.5 Mohammad Saifuddin to Najibullah Zadran, WIDE! Spilled far wide of off this time and Najib lets it pass. Brings up the 50-run stand for the fourth wicket!
17.4 Mohammad Saifuddin to Najibullah Zadran, AHH! Length delivery on the fuller side outside off, Najib looks to thrash it across the line as he clears his front leg but can only drag it back onto his pads before it ricochets to the keeper's right
17.3 Mohammad Saifuddin to Najibullah Zadran, FOUR MORE! CRUNCHED! A nothing delivery though - half-tracker at full pace on leg stump and Najib rocks back to clobber it wide of long on. Asking to be dispatched and he takes full toll to thump it flat towards the fence
17.2 Mohammad Saifuddin to Ibrahim Zadran, slower good length delivery on middle and off, Ibrahim hops back in his crease to nudge it to deep square leg as he brings Najib back on strike