BC Champions 158/7 (20 ov)
Kings 11 Kelowna 54/10 (14.4 ov)
BC Champions won by 104 runs.
ALL OUT FOR 54! A 105 runs victory for BC Champions, who register their first win of the competition. What a dominant performance it was from BC Champions, the Kings XI batting was again found struggling as BC Champions went on  taking the wickets after wickets. Muhammad Kamal a total hero, picking up seven wickets in his quota of four overs and ensuring that the BC Champions won big. Ambrish Kalia scoring a 23 was the highest run scores for the Kings XI with the rest of the members all scoring in single digits. 

That's it for the game everyone!! We hope that you enjoyed this live coverage. Stay tuned on Sportskeeda for all the live cricketing action, this is me Azhar along with my colleague Prashanth Satish signing off! 
14.5 Harjinder to Irfan, OUT! BOWLED! Tossed up once again and the batsman deceived in the flight is out bowled. BCC win the contest!
14.4 Harjinder to Parminder, deceives the batsman in flight. DOT!
14.3 Harjinder to Parminder, single played down to fine leg.
14.2 Harjinder to Parminder, good-length ball beats the batsman on the outside edge.
14.1 Harjinder to Irfan, single played to the fielder at point
At the end of the 14th over Kings XI are 52/9. Another terrific over from Kamal. SEVEN wickets from his quota of FOUR overs!!
13.2 Kamal to Vikramjeet, WIDE! Down leg side and they take a single as well.
13.1 Kamal to Khalid, OUT! Shorter this time outside off and Khalid lofts it straight to fielder at long-off. SIX wickets for Kamal in the game so far.
At the end of the 13th over Kings XI are 48/7. They will have to look at next game now to pick up points
12.6 Harjinder to Vikramjeet, SIX! Fuller ball and Vikramjeet lofts it over the bowler's head for a maximum
12.4 Harjinder to Vikramjeet, another good-length ball played off the backfoot by the batsman.
12.3 Harjinder to Vikramjeet, good length ball turning away takes the edge for no run
12.2 Harjinder to Vikramjeet, good length ball defended back to the bowler.
12.1 Harjinder to Vikramjeet, dot ball to begin with by Harjinder
At the end of the 12th over Kings XI are 42/7. Another terrific over from Kamal, definitely the hero for BC Champions. 
11.6 Kamal to Vikramjeet, full delivery lofted over the fielder at covers for a single.
11.5 Kamal to Vikramjeet, good length delivery defended into the offside by the captain.
11.4 Kamal to Manpreet Singh, OUT! Faster delivery wraps the batsman on his pads and the umpire raises his fingers to make it five for Kamal
11.3 Kamal to Khalid, flighted delivery swept to midwicket for a single 
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