BC Champions 134/7 (20 ov)
Surrey Shines 135/4 (19.2 ov)
Surrey Shines won by 6 wickets
Surrey Shines are the BC Cricket Champions as they win this low scoring thriller by wickets and 4 balls to spare!!!

What an entertaining final this turned out to be sure a game worthy of the finals!!! The Surrey Shines were cruising through towards the victory as both the openers Bhullar and alongside him, the caption of Surrey Shine Manpreet laid the strong foundation and took their side closer to the win!! BC Champions partly contributed to the win of Surrey Shines as they had too many drop catches accounting to 7 and misfields in the field which surely you don't want to do in a final.

The opening stand was broken at 93 runs and it looked like Surrey Shines were slowed down a bit towards the end of the proceedings and also looked a bit hasty as all they were thinking of swing the bat for big hits. But importantly for them, Bhullar played an brilliant in this finals as he remained not out till the end and scored an unbeaten 83 run knock!!!

For BC Champions the top bowlers were Paramjot Singh who took 2 wickets and gave only 15 runs in his 3 overs followed by Vinod Kumar who gave only 22 runs and batters surely avoided to go against him!!! 

That's it for the game everyone!!! We hope you enjoyed this entertaining contest between Surrey Shines and BC Champions and thus concludes the BC Cricket Championship as Surrey Shines are crowned the Champions!!! Stay tuned on Sportskeeda for more live cricketing action till then take care and stay safe this is Navjeevan Rajput and alongside me, Dwijesh Reddy signing off!!!
19.2 Gurtej to Bhullar, BHULLAR FINISHES IT WITH A SIX! It was loose ball on middle and off, Bhullar gets down on one knee and finishes it off in style! SURREY SHINES ARE THE CHAMPIONS OF THE BC CRICKET CHAMPIONSHIP 2020!
19.1 Gurtej to Gurjeet, short ball edged towards third-man by Gurjeet! 6 needed to win here!
At the end of the 19th over SS is 128/4. What a great penultimate over this was bowled by Sood as he conceded only 4 runs in his over!! SS now need 7 runs and the last over will be bowled by Gurtej for BCC
18.6 Sood to Gurjeet, just a single off the last ball with seven runs needed for SS to win the championship!
18.6 Sood to Gurjeet, WIDE! ANTI-CLIMAX! An unnecessary wide at this stage!
18.5 Sood to Gurjeet, low full-toss outside off, Gurjeet gets down low and plays it into the gap. The batsmen take the fielder and come back for two! 9 runs needed in 7 balls
18.4 Sood to Bhullar, full ball outside off, Bhullar plays it to the off-side for a single. Down to 11 runs now!!
18.3 Sood to Bhullar, DOT BALL! Invaluable dot ball at this stage! Still 12 runs need and balls remain are 9
18.2 Sood to Yuvi, IN THE AIR AND TAKEN! Sood has delivered with the wicket of Yuvi, who tries to heave one out of the park! IT'S GAME ON AS THEY STILL NEED 12 RUNS!!!
18.1 Sood to Yuvi, low full-toss on off-stump, Yuvi can only play it back to the bowler
18.1 Sood to Yuvi, wide ball down leg side! A poor start to the over from Sood! 12 runs needed now!!!
At the end of the 18th over SS is 122/3. SS towards the end being a bit hasty and this might cost them the championship here as they looking to hit big rather than rotating the strike!!! And suddenly it looks anyone's game SS now needs 13 runs in 12 balls Most crucial overcoming up for this finals!!!
17.6 Paramjot to Yuvi, low full-toss on middle and off, Yuvi pushes it to the long-on region for a single
17.5 Paramjot to Bhullar, short ball aimed at the body, Bhullar pulls it away for a single
17.4 Paramjot to Dilpreet, WICKET! Is there a twist in the game? Dilpreet skies one in the air and it goes only as far as the slip fielder, who takes a brilliant catch!
17.4 Paramjot to Dilpreet, wide ball down the leg side!
17.3 Paramjot to Bhullar, Bhullar carves a short ball towards cover for just a single. They need a boundary or two here!
17.2 Paramjot to Dilpreet, single taken by Dilpreet as he passes on the strike to Bhullar!
17.1 Paramjot to Dilpreet, another dot ball! Is there a twist in this tale?
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