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Split India Brodosplit
60/7 (10)
61/0 (3.2)
Belgrade won by 10 wickets
Right then! What a brilliant chase for Belgrade! Got over almost as soon as it started with the openers taking complete control to ensure the job was done in style and with ease. 61 for no loss in just 3.2 overs and this has been a one-sided game baring those final two overs in the SIB innings really! 

The runs were short but Belgrade batters made them look very little, knocking almost most of it off in the powerplay itself. Mark Pavlovic smashing a 13-ball 41, striking at 315, who came out with the intent to go after the bowling from the word go. Sachin Shinde did not have a lot to do there, unbeaten on 13 with a couple of sixes. 

A crushing defeat for SIB as their woes this tournament continue. Not a lot the bowlers could have done as well when the batters are in that kind of mood with not many runs to get either. On the other hand, these sort of wins really boost the morale of a side and Belgrade will be mighty pleased with how they have gone about their business in this contest. 

That is all we have from this game then, as I (Rishab) and Ankit take your leave. Stay tuned for more action coming your way. In the meanwhile, have a good evening and take care!
That is that! Pretty quick chase and a clinical performance from Belgrade to wrap this up in style. Emphatic win with all ten wickets in hand and around seven overs to go. Terrific work by the openers!
3.2 Ranjithkumar Murugan to Mark Pavlovic , full on the stumps again, without a lot of pace on it. Pavlovic goes on his knee, and sweeps it behind backward square leg. A neat shot to find the gap, and score the winning runs. 
Scores level with that! 
3.1 Ranjithkumar Murugan to Sachin Shinde , tossed up delivery to start with. Full on the stumps. Shinde sweeps it, gets a top edge that should have been caught at short fine leg. Fielder comes under it, but drops it. Single taken easily. 
Ranjithkumar Murugan into the attack
Looks like Belgrade are in a hurry to get done with this and the game is as good as over now. They have gone for the kill in the powerplay and the openers are making light-work of this chase. Brilliant opening stand, 59 for no loss! 24 runs coming off the over! And with that, Belgrade are just a couple of runs away now. Excellent powerplay! 
59 /0 score
cricket bat icon Mark Pavlovic *
40 (12)
cricket bat icon Sachin Shinde
12 (6)
cricket ball icon Vasu Pulibanti
0 /24
2.6 Vasu Pulibanti to Mark Pavlovic , FOUR!!! A boundary to end the over, and the game is almost done! Full length delivery again, not challenging the batter at all. Pavlovic won't mind that, as he slaps this hard, behind mid wicket and picks up a boundary. 
2.5 Vasu Pulibanti to Mark Pavlovic , slower one, full on the pads, defended back to the bowler for nothing. 
2.4 Vasu Pulibanti to Mark Pavlovic , SIX AGAIN! THREE IN A ROW! Incredible stuff from Pavlovic here! He's served up a fullish one again. He's got some width this time, as he dispatches it over the bowler for another maximum. 
2.3 Vasu Pulibanti to Mark Pavlovic , SIX MORE!!! Full and straight, pitching it right in the slot for the batter. Pavlovic smokes it straight over long on, and over the fence for another maximum. 
2.2 Vasu Pulibanti to Mark Pavlovic , SIX!!! HUGE! Short of a full length delivery, angling into the pads. Pavlovic brings out the flick shot, and uses his wrists perfectly, to guide this one over square leg and over the ropes. 
2.1 Vasu Pulibanti to Sachin Shinde , full on the leg stump. Shinde tucks it through square leg for a single to rotate strike. 
2.1 Vasu Pulibanti to Sachin Shinde , wide ball. Full length delivery, skidding down the leg side. 
Vasu Pulibanti into the attack
Runs flowing for Belgrade in the powerplay and they are off to a flyer here. Pressure on the bowlers with every run scored as the batters are chipping away right from the start. 35 for no loss already and they are racing along for sure! 
35 /0 score
cricket bat icon Mark Pavlovic *
18 (7)
cricket bat icon Sachin Shinde
11 (5)
cricket ball icon Asif MD
0 /15
1.6 Asif MD to Mark Pavlovic , FOUR MORE! Slower one, good length, angling down the leg side. Pavlovic paddles it past short fine leg. Does not middle it, but gets enough on it, for a boundary. 
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