Empire CC 111/8 (20 ov)
Bengal Tigers CC 101/7 (20 ov)
Empire CC won by 10 runs.
That's all my colleague, Habil Ahmed, and I, Kartik Iyer, have for you today, folks. Do join us as we take you through all the action from game 4 of the Finnish Premier League between Helsinki Cricket Club and Bengal Tigers CC at 1:00 PM IST on June 6th. Stay tuned for all the action!
The Tigers were never in the hunt in the run chase. They got off to a slow start and despite the best efforts of Nurul Huda and Tonmoy Saha, they could not catch up with the required run-rate. Mahesh Balasaheb Tambe was the star for Empire CC with the ball, taking 3 wickets for just 19 runs. Tonmoy Saha's all-round effort for BTC went in vain.
Comfortable 10-run win for Empire CC
The Bengal Tigers CC could only muster 101/7 in their 20 overs, falling short by 10 runs. So it is a winning start for Empire CC in the 2020 Finnish Premier League.
19.6 R Muhammad to T Kumar, big heave down to long on but it's stopped at the boundary and they run the two runs. The Bengal Thundercats make it to the Finnish in their innings but it's Empire that strikes back after a fairly poor batting performance. BTC finish at 101/7 to lose by 10 runs.
19.5 R Muhammad to T Kumar, leg-bye runs away to third man for two runs.
19.4 R Muhammad to B Khan, swing and a miss but they take a run.
19.3 R Muhammad to T Kumar, full toss, hit into the air but lands just short of the fielder at mid off. These singles won't do.
19.2 R Muhammad to B Khan, another slog that is mishit. Ball trickles down to third man for a single. 16 more required.
19.1 R Muhammad to B Khan, pitched on leg stump and the batsman slogs but doesn't connect as he'd have liked. 17 required off 5 balls.
BTC - 93/7 after 19 overs. 19 required off the last over. Seems a bridge too far.
18.6 A Sher to B Khan, pitches just short of a good length and the batsman tries to slog it away but it falls just short of the fielder at the edge of the circle for a single.
18.5 A Sher to B Khan, swings and misses, This only gets worse for the Thundercats.
18.5 A Sher to T Kumar, strays too far down the legside and the keeper is unable to collect. The batsmen scamper through for a single. Bonus runs for the Thundercats.
18.4 A Sher to T Kumar, was going down the legside but it hits the batsman on the pads. BTC are going nowhere.
18.3 A Sher to T Kumar, played and missed. Golden dot balls for Empire here.
18.3 A Sher to T Kumar, batsman comes down the track but the bowler strays too far down the legside.
18.2 A Sher to T Kumar, bowls it on the off stump and the batsman hacks it away to mid-wicket for two.
18.1 A Sher to T Kumar, slower ball outside off. Swings at it but misses.
BTC - 87/7 after 18 overs. 25 required off 2 overs. Some big hits required now.
17.6 R Muhammad to B Khan, another swing and a miss. Dot ball to end the over.
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