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Pakcelona CC 147/3 (10 ov)
Bengali CC 125/6 (10 ov)
Pakcelona CC won by 22 runs.
Pakcelona CC beats Bengali CC by 22 runs!

If there was any doubt at the halfway mark about a Pakcelona win, their bowlers silenced their critics with a tidy performance with the ball in hand. It was captain, Raja Khalid, who was the standout bowler with a spell of 1/19. He was also well complemented by Shahzad Khan, who picked the all-important wickets of Shafiq Rahman and Mosaraf Hossain, who was the star of the show with a brilliant 68 off just 29 balls! He was a one-man army for BCC with none of the batsmen able to get going in the middle overs. Nevertheless, not even his maiden ECS fifty was enough to get BCC over the line with Pakcelona marching on with a dominating win in this fixture. That's all from this game but not for the day. We've got more ECS action coming our way in a few minutes time. Until next time, this is Dwijesh Reddy along with my colleague Sameer Deodhar signing off. Take Care!
9.6 Ishtiaq Nazir to Shahidul Alam, FOUR! Gets an inside edge on the yorker and the ball runs away to the fine leg fence for four runs. However, Pakcelona CC beat Bengali CC by 22 runs!
9.6 Ishtiaq Nazir to Shahidul Alam, bowls one outside the mat on the off-side and it has been called a NO BALL
9.5 Ishtiaq Nazir to Shahidul Alam, misses the full delivery well outside off. Alam, once again, looks to smack it out of the park but fails to do so!
9.4 Ishtiaq Nazir to Rakibul Mollik, digs the yorker out to mid-on and gets off the mark. Good bowling this from Nazir!
9.3 Ishtiaq Nazir to Shahidul Alam, gets a single to thirdman off the outside edge. Alam looks to heave it away but ends up getting a run!
9.2 Ishtiaq Nazir to Riaz Howlader, OUT! Excellent stuff from NAzir. He bowled one into the blockhole which was dug out by Howlader back to the bowler. He tried to take a couple of steps not knowing where the ball was. Nazir threw at the stumps and found Howlader outside the crease!
9.1 Ishtiaq Nazir to Riaz Howlader, FOUR! Gets an outside egde on the full toss outside off and the ball runs to wide of thirdman for four runs! 5 sixes needed to win from here!
BCC 114/5 after 9 overs! BCC needs 34 runs from 6 balls!

A mere formality here for PKCC, who have outscored their opponents here at the Montjuic Ground in Barcelona. Riaz is still out in the middle so we could see a few boundaries in the final over, Perhaps an extra or two to make it more interesting? 
8.6 Shahzad Khan to Mosaraf Hossain, OUT! Shahzad nails the yorker and beats the slog of Mosaraf Hossain! An excellent knock comes to an end!
8.5 Shahzad Khan to Mosaraf Hossain, steps out and misses the pull on a back of a length delivery. The keeper missed a stumping chance and appealed for some weird reason!
8.4 Shahzad Khan to Mosaraf Hossain, SIX! Steps down and flicks the full delivery off his pads over deep backward square leg in motion for six runs!
8.3 Shahzad Khan to Mosaraf Hossain, miscues an uppish drive to extra cover and comes back for the second
8.2 Shahzad Khan to Riaz Howlader, shortish delivery over the stumps whipped to deep square leg to bring back Hossain on strike
8.2 Shahzad Khan to Riaz Howlader, wide down the leg side to welcome the new man. Not the ideal ball Shahzad was hoping for at that time.
8.1 Shahzad Khan to Shafiqur Rahman, OUT! A golden duck for Rahman as he gets beaten by the skidder on top of the middle stump! Excellent bowling by Shahzad!
BCC 104/3 after 8 overs! BCC needs 44 runs from 12 balls!

Bengali CC's hopes of a stunning win might have faded away with that over. A decent over from Javeed, considering the situation. Mosaraf Hossain looks in fine touch but he will need his partner, Shafiq to come to the party as well. An improbable task at hand for BCC!
7.6 Khurram Javeed to Mosaraf Hossain, FOUR! Times the full delivery well outside off through the inner circle on the off-side to get a streaky boundary!
7.5 Khurram Javeed to Jahid Hasan, OUT! Hasan gets under the ball and miscues the slog to the fielder at deep mid-wicket! End of a scratchy innings from Hasan, who never looked like making a big score!
7.5 Khurram Javeed to Jahid Hasan, sprays one wide outside off. Another wide added to the total!
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