Bergamo United Cricket Club won by 18 runs.
Player of the match: Mubashir Amin
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Bergamo finish with 115/5 from 10 overs and fall just 18 runs short of their target. A target of 134 is never easy to chase but Bergamo gave Bergamo United a tough fight. The chase was led by opener Baljit Singh who scored an entertaining 51 from 25 balls hitting five fours and four sixes. Lower down the order, Jaspreet Singh played a good cameo of 26. At 100/3 after 8 overs, it felt like Bergamo could chase the total down but Ahtassham Javaid bowled an excellent over in tough circumstances. He has picked two wickets and given away just five runs and swung the match in Bergamo United's favor. 

Earlier, Bergamo United posted a monumental total of 133/3 in 10 overs. The star of the show for Bergamo United was their opener Mubashir Amin who showed some great destructive batting from the start till the finish and remained not out. Amin faced 35 balls and scored 83 runs hitting six fours and the same number of sixes. With Amin doing all the hitting the other Bergamo United batsmen had to very little as they enjoyed boundaries from, Amin's bat.  It was a frustrating day for Bergamo Cricket bowlers as they were able to pick only three wickets. Jaspreet Singh, Narinder Gidda, and Daljit Singh were the three wicket-taking bowlers. Bergamo batsmen have a huge task ahead of them.
Over: 10 | Summary: 1w 0 6 2 0 1 0 Bowler: Azmat Ali Score: 115/5
9.6 Azmat Ali to Mandeep Singh, full outside-off, Mandeep comes down and under-edges his slog to short third-man. No run. That is it, Bergamo United seal a 18-run victory. This makes it four wins out of four matches for them.
9.5 Azmat Ali to Kuldip Singh, slightly short and quick, Kuldip comes down and slaps it it to long-off for a single.
9.4 Azmat Ali to Kuldip Singh, full outside-off, Kuldip swings and misses this delivery.
9.3 Azmat Ali to Kuldip Singh, length delivery again, Kuldip comes down and skews it past the square-leg fielder for a boundary. The fielder tried his best to prevent the boundary but he was in contact with the rope while the ball was pushed back.
9.2 Azmat Ali to Kuldip Singh, length delivery with a bit of width, Kuldip comes down and lofts it over long-off for a maximum.
9.1 Azmat Ali to Kuldip Singh, short and wide again and Kuldip misses the cut. Legal delivery this time.
9.1 Azmat Ali to Kuldip Singh, short and wide, the ball goes outside the tramline.
Azmat Ali to bowl the last over. 
An excellent over bowled by Ahtassham Javaid in tough circumstances. He has picked two wickets and given away just five runs and very likely swung the match Bergamo United's favor. 29 runs needed from the last over. 
Over: 9 | Summary: 2 W W 1 1 1 Bowler: Ahtasham Javaid Score: 105/5
8.6 Ahtassham Javaid to Mandeep Singh, slow and short, Mandeep cuts it to cover-point for a single.
8.5 Ahtassham Javaid to Kuldip Singh, slower ball again, Kuldip swings it to deep square-leg for a single.
8.4 Ahtassham Javaid to Mandeep Singh, full outside-off, Mandeep drives it to the sweeper for a single.
Mandeep Singh walks out to bat. 
8.3 Ahtassham Javaid to Chetan Kumar, length delivery, Chetan lofts it straight to the hands of long-off for a simple catch. Chetan has to depart for a duck.
Chetan Kumar walks out to bat. 
8.2 Ahtassham Javaid to Jaspreet Singh, slower ball from Javaid and Jaspreet completely misses his slog across the line. Clean bowled!
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