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Beximco Dhaka 179/7 (20 ov)
Gemcon Khulna 159/10 (19.3 ov)
Dhaka won by 20 runs
For now, this is Ankit Sharma along with Lavil Saldanha signing off.
180 was always going to be tough on this pitch to chase down, although Jahurul Islam did show some promise but was left hanging alone as wickets kept tumbling on the other end. Shamim Hossain did give Dhaka a scare but fell before too much of a damage was done. The tail enders too did their bit but all credits to Rahim's captaincy and the bowlers for doing their jobs well, especially Robiul Islam taking wickets in intervals and stopping the run flow. With this win Dhaka confirms their playoff berth and will be soaring high in confidence heading into it with 4 wins on the trot. 
That's all from this match, we hope you will join us for the second match of the day between Fortune Barishal against Gazi Group Chattogram set to strat in about an hour.
MOM:- Sabbir Rahman 56(38)
Robiul Islam takes a five-fer, as he picks the remaining coupe of wickets with 3 balls to spare. His captain will be happy with him. Pick of the bowlers for sure. Beximco Dhaka win by 20 runs and make it 4 wins on the trot. 
19.3 Robiul Islam to Nazmul Islam, STUMPED AND THAT'S IT! Full-length ball outside off, Nazmul Islam looked to play the shot coming down the ground there, missed the ball and was stumped by Mushfiqur Rahim. With that Bexmico Dhaka beat Gemcon Khulna by 20 runs and move onto the plays offs
19.2 Robiul Islam to Nazmul Islam, FOUR! Full-length ball outside off from Robiul there, Nazmul pounces on the loose delivery and hits it for a boundary
19.1 Robiul Islam to Shohidul Islam, CAUGHT! Full-length ball outside off, Shohidul looked to send it over the ropes there, but doesn't get the elevation right and hands long on an easy catch to hold on to
Good death bowling from Shafiqul Islam, giving away absolutely nothing. Good signs for Dhaka going into the playoffs. 10 overs gone, Khulna - 155/8. 
Over: 19 | Summary: 2 0 0 1 0 2 Bowler: Shafiqul Islam Score: 155/8
18.6 Shafiqul Islam to Hasan Mahmud, full-length ball outside off, Mahmud lofts the ball up in the air there. The balls is very well stopped by the boundary raider there and saves 4 runs for his team
18.5 Shafiqul Islam to Hasan Mahmud, change of pace yet again on the ball, keeps the ball full. Mahmud only swings the bat in thin air, no run
18.4 Shafiqul Islam to Shohidul Islam, full length ball on the middle stump there, thumped away down teh ground by Shohidul to long on for a single
18.3 Shafiqul Islam to Shohidul Islam, slower back of a length delivery, change of pace well-executed by the bowler as he gets yet another dot ball here
18.2 Shafiqul Islam to Shohidul Islam, full-length ball outside off from Islam there, Shohidul has a wild swing of the bat in the air, no run
18.1 Shafiqul Islam to Shohidul Islam, length ball on the middle stump there, Shohidul hits the ball on the leg side there, gets a run there and some superb running helps them get a brace
Rubel gives away runs in his final over and 150 comes up for Khulna. Still possible for Khulna to take the match from right under the nose of Dhaka. 30 needed off 12. Very interesting end coming up, 18 overs gone, Khulna -  150/8. 
Over: 18 | Summary: 4lb 0 0 1 4 0 Bowler: Rubel Hossain Score: 150/8
17.6 Rubel Hossain to Hasan Mahmud, back of a length delivery from Rubel there, Mahmud looked to play the upper cut there but misses, no run
17.5 Rubel Hossain to Hasan Mahmud, FOUR! Full length ball outside off, Mahmud cleared his front foot there and pummeled it down the ground for a boundary
17.4 Rubel Hossain to Shohidul Islam, length ball outside off, tapped away on the off side for a single
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