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81/6 (10)
84/4 (7.2)
Black Caps won by 6 wickets
The Black Caps with a comfortable win here, not as comfortable as we thought we would see as the Eagles gave a very good fight regardless of losing this one. This is some true sportsman spirit here and what a way to give a fight in this one. The Black Caps with a very good start in the first 3 overs made the match look completely one sided but after the 2 wickets in the 4th over it felt as though the match could have a completely different turnaround, but by the time the Eagles took the 3rd and the 4th wicket, the damage was already done and the Black Caps with just a few hurdles along the way won this one and will look to carry the confidence in the next game against the Eagles which will begin shortly after this one.

Thank you so much for joining us for yet another match here. This is Ankit Sharma and Pranav Danani signing off. Until next time.

Black Caps beat Cyprus Eagles by 6 wickets
7.2 Muddula Srikanth to Baljeet Singh , FOUR!!! AND THAT WILL BE THE GAME! Good length delivery, with a hint of width on offer. Baljeet sits in his crease, and smashes this with power. Direct it well into the gap of cow corner, as he picks up a boundary. Black Caps win by 6 wickets. 
7.1 Muddula Srikanth to Resham Singh , OUT! CAUGHT! Short of a full length, lofted into the air, but that's gone straight to the man at long on. Sandireddy has taken a blinder just recently, and he's caught another one here. He's not letting the Black Caps get away that easily. 
Muddula Srikanth to bowl probably the final over of this game.
80 /3 score
cricket bat icon Pawandeep *
12 (9)
cricket bat icon Resham Singh
2 (2)
cricket ball icon Suresh Kumar-I
1 /9
6.6 Suresh Kumar to Pawandeep , FOUR!!! Short of a full length, width on offer. Pawandeep slaps this hard, and fnds the cow corner gap perfectly. No one can stop that, as the ball goes across the fence. 
6.5 Suresh Kumar to Resham Singh , DROPPED! Good length delivery, on the fourth stump line. Resham pulls it, gets a leading edge towards backward point, who makes a mess of it. Single taken. 
6.4 Suresh Kumar to Pawandeep , full on the middle and leg, drilled down towards long on for a single. Almost there now, Black Caps. 
6.3 Suresh Kumar to Pawandeep , good length delivery, wide outside off stump. Pawandeep wants to cut this, and he misses it. 
6.2 Suresh Kumar to Resham Singh , full length delivery, on the pads, tucked away towards mid wicket for a single. 
6.2 Suresh Kumar to Resham Singh , wide ball. Full length delivery, sliding down the off side tram line. 
6.1 Suresh Kumar to Gurpratap Singh , OUT! CAUGHT! Maxwell is that you? What a fantastic catch! Gurpratap shoots the fuller one towards cow corner. Fielder needs to stretch as much as he can. Gets a hand to catch it, but he knows he's going over the ropes, throws the ball in the air, and comes back into the field of play to take it with one hand.

Gurpratap Singh c T Sandireddy b S Kumar 12 (11b 2x4 0x6)
6.1 Suresh Kumar to Gurpratap Singh , wide ball! Looking for the body line, but he's gone down the leg side. 
The new bowler in is Suresh Kumar.
71 /2 score
cricket bat icon Gurpratap Singh
12 (10)
cricket bat icon Pawandeep *
7 (6)
cricket ball icon Ashu
0 /9
5.6 Ashu Ashu to Pawandeep , FOUR! A slight miscalculation in the deep. Full length delivery, on the fourth stump line. Pawandeep dispatches it towards deep mid wicket. Fielder comes towards the ball, but the ball sails over him, and falls just short of the fence. 
5.5 Ashu Ashu to Gurpratap Singh , slower one again. Short of a full length, on the fourth stump line. Gurpratap cuffs it towards cover for one. 
5.4 Ashu Ashu to Pawandeep , short of a full length, outside off stump. Pawandeep pushes this down towards cover for a single again. 
5.3 Ashu Ashu to Pawandeep , slower one again, full on the leg stump. Pawandeep ends up digging it back to the bowler. 
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