Albano 106/5 (10 ov)
Bogliasco 107/2 (10 ov)
Bogliasco won by 8 wickets
Player of the match: Madupa Fernando
So, that is it from me, Karthik Raj and my co-commentator, Pratyush Rohra. Stay tuned to the Eliminator between Bogliasco and Fresh Tropical which will start in a little over an hour's time. 
Bogliasco finally seal their win off the last ball and qualify for the Eliminator. After a lot of drama, it is an eight-wicket victory for Bogliasco. The opening duo of Madupa Fernando and Sachin Tharuka Thamel brought their very best to this crucial encounter with a blistering 74-run opening partnership off just 34 balls. Albano's bowling wasn't great but their fielding was worse as they dropped a couple of catches. Sachin Tharuka was eventually dismissed by Kamaljit Singh but Madupa continued to bat in a mature fashion. Down injured, Supun Tharanga still came out to bat and struck a six but he could only make eight runs off seven balls before getting out on the fourth ball of the penultimate over. 

Bogliasco required just four runs off the final over and Asim Ali gave away a wide off his very first delivery. A couple of singles meant that the chasing side only required one run off four balls but Upul Nandana played three dot balls. Finally, Upul cut a short delivery to backward point for a quick single to bring up the thrilling victory. 
Over: 10 | Summary: 1w 1 1 0 0 0 1 Bowler: Asim Ali Score: 107/2
9.6 Asim Ali to Upul Nandana, Bogliasco are over the line! Back of a length delivery, doesn't fire it quicker this time and Nandana holds his nerve to guide it down to point and scamper through for a single!

Bogliasco beat Albano by 8 wickets.
Missed!! One ball and one run required now. What a thrilling finish. 
9.5 Asim Ali to Upul Nandana, OH! Back of a length delivery darted in outside off-stump, Nandana can't get bat on it yet again!! Nail-biter!
Oh a bouncer from Asim Ali and Upul Nandana has missed it. One required off two balls now.
9.4 Asim Ali to Upul Nandana, fires in a bouncer, outside off stump. Nandana is caught by surprise and can't get bat on it!
9.3 Asim Ali to Upul Nandana, back of a length quicker delivery, Nandana hangs back and cuts it straight to the fielder at point. Dot ball!
9.2 Asim Ali to Madupa Fernando, back of a length delivery darted into Fernando, hangs back and calmly works it towards point, to take the quick single.  SCORES ARE LEVEL!
9.1 Asim Ali to Upul Nandana, back of a length quicker delivery again, Nandana stands tall and dabs it towards short third man, for a quick single. 2 in 5 needed.
9.1 Asim Ali to Upul Nandana, bangs it in short but it's a bit too wide. Umpire calls for a wide!
Single off the final ball and Upul Nandana will be on strike. Bogliasco require four runs off the last six balls. Asim Ali will bowl the final over.
Over: 9 | Summary: 1 2w 1w 1 0 W 1 1 Bowler: Kamaljit Singh-1 Score: 103/2
8.6 Kamaljit Singh to Upul Nandana, full delivery angling into the stumps, Nandana drives it towards long-on, to take the single on offer. 4 runs needed in the last over!
8.5 Kamaljit Singh to Madupa Fernando, full delivery wide of off-stump, Fernando drives it on the up, towards sweeper cover, for a single
Upul Nandana, left-handed batsman, into the middle
Supun Tharanga has holed out to deep point. His inability to run has resulted in this wicket. Is there a twist in this tale?
8.4 Kamaljit Singh to Supun Tharanga, IN THE AIR! CAUGHT!! Good length delivery outside off-stump, Tharanga throws his bat at it and slices it towards deep backward point, where Lal makes no mistake! Game on!
8.3 Kamaljit Singh to Supun Tharanga, good length delivery on off-stump, Tharanga prods forward and defends it back to the bowler
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