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Bogliasco 96/6 (10 ov)
Bergamo United Cricket Club won by 33 runs.
Player of the match: Ahtasham Javaid
It's all Bergamo United today as they were astonishing in all three departments and getting the better of Bogliano comprehensively. Chasing a huge total of 130 runs, Bogliano's skipper Fernando got them off to an impressive start scoring 20 runs in the first over off Ravi Paul. Ahsan Akram pulled things back in the second over for Bergamo United by conceding just 7 runs, however, Bogliasco had a strong powerplay, scoring 38 runs in three overs.

After bowling a good first over, Ahsan Akram's second over proved to be vital as he removed the dangerous Madupa Fernando and Tharanga to pull the momentum back in his side's favour. Except for Nandana's huge strikes off Ali's bowling in the 7th over, Bogliano never really got going in the middle phase of the innings. In addition to their bowling performances, Bergamo United bowlers were also well-drilled on the field and that was also proved significant for their comfortable victory. That's it from the second match of today's ECS T10, hope you enjoyed the coverage from me Pragadeesh and my fellow colleague Sooryanarayanan. See yaa.
Over: 10 | Summary: 1 1 0 0 1b 1 Bowler: Azmat Ali Score: 96/6
9.6 Azmat Ali to Sandesh Hansaja Disandul, on a length outside off, cut straight to point to round off a rather sorry run chase in the end! They were in the hunt at the end of the Powerplay but an implosion thereafter means that Bogliasco go down to Bergamo United by a mammoth 33 runs!
9.5 Azmat Ali to Upul Nandana, STUMPING CHANCE GOES DOWN! Flighted full outside off, steps out and swings hard but he fails to connect with it as the ball thuds off the flap of the keeper's pad and lobs away; they sneak in a bye in the process!
9.4 Azmat Ali to Upul Nandana, full outside off, swings hard but fails to get bat on ball!
9.3 Azmat Ali to Upul Nandana, TOUGH ONE! Very full outside off, dug out to the right of the bowler who puts down a tough reflex catch!
9.2 Azmat Ali to Sandesh Hansaja Disandul, on a length in the channel, chops a slog sweep onto his pads before the ball rolls away into the leg-side
9.1 Azmat Ali to Upul Nandana, full in the channel, heaved across the line towards deep mid-wicket for a single
Azmat Ali to bowl the final over of the match

Having known for bowling some lethal yorkers in the end, Ravi Paul ended up bowling some in that over, getting the wicket off Weerasinghe in the first ball of the over. Just 7 runs coming off it
Over: 9 | Summary: W 1 1w 0 0 4 1 Bowler: Ravi Paul Score: 92/6
8.6 Ravi Paul to Upul Nandana, walks down the pitch and drills this length delivery on the up and over long on to retain strike. An impossible 38 needed off the final over now!
8.5 Ravi Paul to Upul Nandana, FOUR! Full outside off, gets forward and jams it through the covers and beats the fielder in the deep with ease. Too little, too late at this stage though!
8.4 Ravi Paul to Upul Nandana, full on off, pushed back to the bowler who fires it back as the batsman is out of the crease; Nandana manages to sway away in time!
8.3 Ravi Paul to Upul Nandana, nails another yorker outside off, the batsman fails to get his bat down on time and there was no question of a wide on this occasion! Top-class bowling!
8.3 Ravi Paul to Upul Nandana, WIDE! VERY TIGHT CALL THIS! Fires a wide yorker which Nandana fails to meet on time, did land just inside the tramline though and Paul can feel hard done by!
8.2 Ravi Paul to Sandesh Hansaja Disandul, on a length outside off, pushed through the covers for a single
8.1 Ravi Paul to Roshan Weerasinghe, OUT! ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST! Back of a length outside off, Weerasinghe gets no elevation or distance on this as he pulls it straight to the man at deep mid-wicket who was well inside the ropes and holds onto a good slider!
Weerasinghe is the new batsman for Bogliasco
Ravi Paul comes back into the attack

A strong comeback from Bergamo after Upul Nandana hammered Muhammad for 16 runs in that over. Ibna Hussain bowled a double-wicket over. Upul Nandana won't be the man for Bogliasco and now Bergamo are on the verge of another brilliant win.
Over: 8 | Summary: 1w 0 1 W 1lb 1 W Bowler: Rayhan Ibna Hossain Score: 85/5
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