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Bogliasco 120/4 (10 ov)
Fresh Tropical 121/4 (8.5 ov)
Fresh Tropical won by 6 wickets
Player of the match: Amir Sharif
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And with that HUGE, HUGE SHOT it is game set and matches for Fresh Tropicals as they win the match by 6 wickets! 

Fresh Troipcal's chase was set up by some poor poor bowling at the start of the inning as Bogliasco bowlers bowled too many extras which helped the Tropicals race to 51/1 in the Powerplays. Amir Sharif scored a stunning FIFTY as he hit 58 from 24 balls hitting six fours and four sixes while his stay in the middle. His inning meant that not much was remaining for the other Fresh Tropical batsmen. Yet Hassan Jamil's 16-ball 25 cameo meant that the team reached the target in just the ninth over with 6 wickets in hands. Bogliasco were poor right from the start and not one bowler made any sort of impact. 

Earlier, Bogliasco finished with 120/4 from 10 overs. The star of the show for Bogliasco was Supun Tharanga. The batsman had injured his hamstring earlier in the inning while running in between the wickets. He looked in a lot of pain and struggled to run. So, the batsman decided to stay firm in his crease and go for big shots. Zain Naqvi was punished for four successive fours in the sixth over. Unfortunately, Tharanga could not last towards the end of the inning as he was clean bowled in the eight over. Tharanga limped back after making 37 from 17 balls. After Tharanga's wicket, Madupa Fernando took the initiative of playing the big shots and made 31 from 21 balls. Sachin Tharuka at the top of the batting order made 24 from 11 balls. Suliman Hakimi was the only bowler from Fresh Tropical side who had some decent figures. The bowler finished a good spell returning with the figures of 2/12 from his two overs. 

Over: 9 | Summary: 0 1w 6 W 0 6 Bowler: Upul Nandana Score: 0/0
8.5 Upul Nandana to Hassan Jamil, SIX! WHAT A SHOT THAT IS! INCREDIBLE FINISH TO PROCEEDINGS HERE! On a length outside off, Jamil reaches for it and brings out a short arm jab over cow corner and holds his pose even after the ball has disappeared a mile behind the fence! MONSTROUS, YET CLASSY! And that is the game as well - Fresh Tropical beat Bogliasco by 6 wickets with 7 deliveries to spare!
8.4 Upul Nandana to Hassan Jamil, OOH! Angling into the leg-stump on a length, Jamil swings across the line but fails to connect!
Bilal Hamid walks out to bat. 
8.3 Upul Nandana to Mahash Javed, OUT! He holes out this time! Full at the stumps, clears his front leg and slogs high but he picks out wide long on to perfection! Javed departs right after the six!
8.2 Upul Nandana to Mahash Javed, SIX! HUMONGOUS! THAT SHOULD BE THE GAME NOW SURELY? Back of a length outside off, Javed goes deep in his crease and absolutely smears it over extra cover - going, going and gone!
8.2 Upul Nandana to Mahash Javed, WIDE! Angling down leg off a length, Javed walks across and looks to tuck it fine but the ball goes down leg to the keeper!
8.1 Upul Nandana to Mahash Javed, full and angling away outside off, Javed reaches for it but fails to get bat on ball
Upul Nandana to bowl.
A wicket and 12 runs from the over. The wicket of Amar Sharif, who was playing so well and had scored a fifty, has again brought the match back in balance. Fresh Tropicals need 13 runs from 12 balls. One just cannot know which team is going to win the match!
Over: 8 | Summary: 1 1w 2 W 1 1 6 Bowler: Niranga Malameege Score: 108/3
7.6 Niranga Malameege to Hassan Jamil, SIX! OUTTA HERE! SUCH AN IMPORTANT HIT IN THE CONTEXT OF THE GAME! A touch short around off and Jamil creams a pull over wide long on and clears the fence to bring it down to 13 off the last two now!
7.5 Niranga Malameege to Mahash Javed, on a length outside off, slashed towards sweeper cover for a single
7.4 Niranga Malameege to Hassan Jamil, back of a length outside off, dabbed towards short third man for a solitary run
Mahash Javed walks out to bat. 
7.3 Niranga Malameege to Amar Sharif, OUT! CAUGHT AT LONG OFF! Massive wicket as Sharif slogs high but goes down the throat of Fernando who takes a good forward sliding catch!
7.2 Niranga Malameege to Amar Sharif, WOAH! That's some work! Swats a length ball over cow corner where the man runs around and upon seeing the ball going over his head sticks his hand out and smashes it back into the field of play. He was well inside the ropes although it was a great effort!
7.2 Niranga Malameege to Amar Sharif, WIDE! Too wide on this occasion, another extra!
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