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Bohemian CC 82/7 (10 ov)
Brno Rangers 74/5 (10 ov)
Bohemian CC won by 8 runs.
What a great game this has turned out to be the Bohemian CC win this match by 8 runs and advance to the finals of the tournament!!

The Bohemian CC at the halfway mark due to the runs scored in the last over managed to reach 82 runs which was quite a decent total for their bowlers to defend as they stand up to their reputation and bowl well thus restricting the Brno Rangers for 74 runs and have managed to qualify for the finals!! The top performer with the bat for Brno Rangers was Dylan Steyn who scored an unbeaten 31 runs in 28 balls but could not take his side across the finishing line.
The Bohemian CC bowlers bowled quite economically throughout as Ali Waqar took 2 wickets in his spell and the other bowlers Sazib Bhuiyan, Ravindra Singh Bist, Abul Farhad taking 1 wicket each.

That's it from the game everyone. We hope that you enjoyed this amazing contest between Bohemian CC and Brno Rangers. Stay tuned on Sportskeeda for all the live cricketing action, this is Navjeevan Rajput and alongside me. Sarthak Karkhanis singing off till then take care and stay safe!!
9.6 J Iqbal to S Sadiq, single off the free-hit and a couple of runs taken. But all is in vain as the Rangers have lost the match
9.6 J Iqbal to S Sadiq, misses the ball again but its a no-ball on this occasion but they still need 11 runs off the last ball!!
9.5 J Iqbal to S Sadiq, Short ball and another miss by the batsman
9.4 J Iqbal to S Sadiq, outside off and another swing and a miss. 
9.3 J Iqbal to S Sadiq, short ball, finally gets bat on the ball and its a boundary as the cover fielder misfields game still on as they need 12 runs in 3 balls!!
9.2 J Iqbal to S Sadiq, another back of a length delivery and another swing and a miss they now need 16 runs in 4 balls!!
9.1 J Iqbal to S Sadiq, short ball and a swing by the batsman but to no avail need 16 runs in 5 balls!!
After 9 overs the BRG is 67/5. They need 16 runs in the last 6 balls. A good tight over after getting hit for a six of the first ball.
8.6 A Farhad to D Steyn, a couple of runs taken again as it went towards the midwicket region
8.5 A Farhad to D Steyn, no run as he misses the cut
8.4 A Farhad to D Steyn, on the middle stump and its 2 runs taken
8.3 A Farhad to D Steyn, outside off angled away from the batsman and its a dot ball
8.2 A Farhad to TK Lal, on the off stump and he is OUT on this occasion. Lal doesnt quite time it well and both the ball and the bat were in the air but ball was caught by the fielder 
8.1 A Farhad to TK Lal, on the leg stump and lofts it over the leg side for a six
At the end of the 8th over 57/4. They now need 26 runs in 12 balls at 12.92 RPO. This now definitely turning out to be a thrilling contest as BRG batters are converting the one's into two's by running quick.
7.6 A Waqar to D Steyn, short ball and he pulls it hard to square leg but fielder saves it with his foot and its a couple of runs again
7.5 A Waqar to D Steyn, 2 runs taken again as this is a great example of running between the wickets. THe ball went towards fine leg
7.4 A Waqar to D Steyn, outside off and he cuts it hard, one bounce to the fielder as Steyn and Lal complete a couple of runs
7.3 A Waqar to D Steyn, down the leg side Steyn gets a bit of an outside edge on it and runs away to the boundary
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