Bohemian CC 75/6 (10 ov)
Prague CC Kings 54/9 (10 ov)
Bohemian CC won by 21 runs.
Bohemian CC beat Prague CC Kings by 21 runs in the Group 1 Final!

After eight enthralling games in the tournament, it is the Bohemians who emerge victorious. Never was a BCC win in question during the innings with the likes of Bhuiyan and Farhad picking wickets at regular intervals. Sudesh and Sadasivan provided some resistance but were blown by an emphatic bowling performance from the BCC bowlers. Not to mention, Zahid Mahmood and Javed Iqbal's game-changing partnership in the first innings that set up this brilliant win! BCC end the weekend unbeaten while solidifying their stature as one of the most dominant teams in the country!

That's all from Group 1 of the Czech T10 Super Series. Coverage continues tomorrow as well with the ECS T10 Stockholm kicking off. Until then, this is Dwijesh Reddy and my partner, Prasen Moudgal signing off. Stay safe and keep washing your hands!
9.6 J Iqbal to M Glew, BCC win by 21 runs! Full ball on the stumps, Glew managed to get a little edge on that and onto the pads, dot ball to finish!
9.5 J Iqbal to M Glew, short of length ball blocked by Glew.
9.4 J Iqbal to M Glew, length ball keeps very low, Glew is late on the cut and is beaten
9.3 J Iqbal to M Glew, full ball driven back to the bowler
9.2 J Iqbal to N Valluru, BOWLED! Iqbal is on a hat-trick! Full ball on off stump, Valluru made some room for himself and looked for a swipe over cow corner, he missed the ball and Iqbal has his second wicket! FOURTH WICKET IN FOUR BALLS for BCC. Can Iqbal finish things off?
9.1 J Iqbal to S Maduranga, OUT! Castled! Short ball kept a tad low, Maduranga looked to pull it away but missed the ball and lost his stumps in the process. The captain gets a wicket to his name! 
54/7 after 9 overs. PCC needs 22 runs off the final over. The Bohemians are within touching distance of a comprehensive victory! A lost cause perhaps for PCC? 
8.6 A Waqar to S Sundareswaran, OUT! First-ball duck! Full ball on the pads, the southpaw flicked it off the middle of the bat but straight to the man at deep mid-wicket! End of a wonderful spell of bowling from Javed!
8.5 A Waqar to S Gladson, OUT! Length ball was struck well by Gladson but to the man on the deep mid-wicket fence, big wicket for BCC! IS THIS THE BEGINNING OF THE END? 22 runs needed off 7 balls now.
8.4 A Waqar to S Gladson, short of length ball tucked away to mid-wicket, good running brings two. Comes down the track and tries to launch it away but just for a brace!
8.3 A Waqar to S Gnanatheeswaran, full ball goes off the pads to the leg side, keeper mops up. Just another harmless single.
8.2 A Waqar to S Gnanatheeswaran, fuller this time, Gnanathheswaran eyed the long on region but missed the line of the ball completely. Brilliant delivery that! Boundaries are the need of the hour for PCC!
8.1 A Waqar to S Gnanatheeswaran, length ball outside off, batter looks to cut it away but misses
51/5 after 8 overs! PCC needs 25 runs off 12 balls. Can they pull off a heist in Prague?
7.6 A Farhad to S Gnanatheeswaran, thick edge off a length ball goes through the keeper's hands and to third man! With each dot ball or single, PCC's chance diminish exponentially!
7.5 A Farhad to S Gladson, yorker but way outside off stump, keeper cannot collect and the ball runs away to the man at straightish third man
7.5 A Farhad to S Gladson, full ball raps Gladson on the pads, ball was going down leg and the umpire turns down the appeal. Invaluable dot-ball at this stage. More pressure mounting.
7.4 A Farhad to S Gnanatheeswaran, short of length ball knocked to covers. Singles are not going to help PCC's cause!
7.3 A Farhad to S Gnanatheeswaran, very wide outside off, extra run. PCC wouldn't mind this!
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