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Bohemian CC 126/5 (10 ov)
Prague Spartans Vanguards won by 5 runs.
What a great game of cricket we've witnessed, bat dominating through out, Bohemian's will feel they missed out on chasing this mammoth total. Felt Vanguards were too in disciplined to start with giving 23 extras overall. As far as Bohemian's are concerned they kept losing wickets at regular intervals, hurt them from coming back into the game, at one point, they were looking to chase this comfortably before Zahid Mahmood perished for a well made 30(11), Abdul Farhad 23(12) at the end looked threatening to take the game away from Vanguards!

Vanguards, though they gave away too many extras, They needed couple of tight overs which is exactly what was delivered by Satyajit 23/1 from his 2, Kranthi Venkataswamy 24/2 from his 2 overs and Santhosh Bemmireddy 5/1 from his only over, picking up wickets as well at crucial junctures of the innings. In the end Bohemian's didn't have the powerhouse down the order to score 19 runs in the final over, they managed only 14 from it, losing this one by 5 runs in the end!

That's it from the game everyone. We hope that you enjoyed this amazing run fest by Prague Spartans Vanguards and Bohemian CC. Stay tuned on Sportskeeda for all the live cricketing action, this is Pradeep Somashekar and alongside me, Sarthak Karkhanis signing off till then take care and stay safe!!
Too much to chase in the final over for Bohemian's, they came so close yet so far. BCC end with 126/5!

Prague Spartans Vanguards beat Bohemian CC by 5 runs!
9.6 N Tyagi to RS Bisht, a single to end the match and they needed a six to tie it but the batting side couldn't do that. COming to ball was outside off and he cuts it to point for a single
9.5 N Tyagi to A Farhad, a single taken
9.4 N Tyagi to A Farhad, two runs taken and very good running there. On the middle stump and he keeps it out it to long on
9.3 N Tyagi to RS Bisht, edges it to the offside and he beats the fielder for a four
9.2 N Tyagi to RS Bisht, on the middle stump and he drives it to long on for a single
9.1 N Tyagi to RS Bisht, four runs to start the final over
15 runs coming from it, let's wait for the final over, they need 19 runs from the last one!
8.6 S Sengupta to A Farhad, this one was in the air for a while but didnt get the distance and its 2 
8.5 S Sengupta to A Farhad, full length delivery and he smashes it over covers for a six
8.4 S Sengupta to A Farhad, he misses the ball outside off
8.4 S Sengupta to A Farhad, WIDE Ball outside off
8.3 S Sengupta to A Farhad, no run
8.2 S Sengupta to A Farhad, four runs 
That was a tight over from Vanguards, not enough runs coming from it for Bohemian's, pressure is mounting on them. BCC are 98/5 after 8 overs! They need 34 runs in 12 balls!
8.1 S Sengupta to A Farhad, 1 run taken 
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7.3 S Bemmireddy to RS Bisht, single taken as he keeps the ball out on the leg side
7.2 S Bemmireddy to A Farhad, no run
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