Salt Pond Breakers 46/3 (4 ov)
Botanic Garden Rangers won by 2 runs.
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Botanical Gardens Rangers win this match by 2 runs!

What a brilliant match this turned out to be, a rain curtailed one but in the end Breakers fell short of 2 runs but they've got themselves to blame, there was no one other than Sunil Ambris who gave him company, needed to score a boundary or two earlier on after the 1st over.

Sunil Ambris in that first over of Kimali Williams clobbered 14 runs of the first three deliveries and that set the tone for the Breakers to chase this down. Donald Delpleche comes back to bowl the second over and he was on the money to remove Ricavo Williams, concedes just 7 runs.

The Skipper then brings himself on for the 3rd over, Ambris and Johnson weren't allowed to free their arms to score those crucial boundaries with that Breakers needed more than 10 to chase it down in the final over, Ambris hammers Romario Bibby for a boundary to get closer to the target but Bibby sends Ambris packing in the next delivery both Johnson and Sween struggled to get another boundary of that over and then saw themselves short of 2 runs in the end. 

Rangers are delighted with this win, though they had a lot of stoppages but they kept themselves in that game thanks to some brutal hitting from Dember at the end of the innings, saw their team put up a fighting total in the end but Breakers needed someone to finish it off and they failed miserably in the end with that win Rangers have moved to the top spot and are looking firm favorites to reach the knock out stages.
It is Rangers, how well they came back into this match after that early onslaught by Sunil Ambris who scored 19 runs off the first over, almost proved to be a match winning one but some spirited bowling effort from Rangers ensured they win this by 2 runs in the end.
3.6 Romario Bibby to Delorn Johnson, full ball on the off-stump, hammers it down the ground but it is straight to the man at long-off. They can't get more than a single
3.5 Romario Bibby to Delorn Johnson, full ball on the stumps, goes hard for the drive but mistimes it to wide long-on. A bit of a fumble at the boundary allows them to come back for a brace
3.5 Romario Bibby to Delorn Johnson, goes for the wide yorker and misses the line by a yard resulting in a wide, which means an extra run. Need 4 runs off 2!
3.4 Romario Bibby to Seon Sween, full delivery with a bit of swing into the right-hander, mistimes it to long-on for a single. Need 5 runs off 2 now!
3.3 Romario Bibby to Delorn Johnson, length ball just outside the off-stump, he tries to loft it but mistimes it horribly to mid-off for a single. Need 6 runs off 3 balls now!
Ambris perishes but he's just done his job, just wanted to get on with the chase to clobber Bibby but holds out at deep. Seon Sween is the new batsman here!
3.2 Romario Bibby to Sunil Ambris, OUT! Big wicket! Length ball on the stumps, goes for the slog but mistimes it. The ball goes straight to deep square leg where the fielder doesn't even have to move
Why not a spinner, Dember missed a tactical change of bowling here giving it to Bibby, Ambris likes pace on the ball and there it is, much needed boundary of the first delivery!
3.1 Romario Bibby to Sunil Ambris, FOUR! Short sharp delivery outside the off-stump, he goes for the cut but gets the outside edge which flies past the fielder at short thirdman
SPB are 38-2 after 3 overs! They need 11 runs in 6 balls!

Dember coming into bowl and how well has he bowled here, should consider himself lucky with that no-ball as the free-hit didn't cost them much. Firing into Johnson who couldn't make any contact. Ambris gets that much needed boundary of the final delivery to get them back in the game and it's turning out to be a nail-biter. Final over coming up!
2.6 Kenneth Dember to Sunil Ambris, length ball on the off-stump, he tries to heave it across the line and gets an outside edge which flies over the short thirdman. The fielder manages to just pull it off inches from the fence
2.5 Kenneth Dember to Delorn Johnson, length delivery on the off-stump this time, he swings hard and gets an outside edge to short thirdman
2.4 Kenneth Dember to Delorn Johnson, full ball on the pads once again, no room for him to free his arms and he can't get any contact once again 
2.3 Kenneth Dember to Delorn Johnson, full delivery on the pads, he has a big swing at it but misses
2.2 Kenneth Dember to Delorn Johnson, full delivery, the batsman tries to make room and he follows him, gets beaten but the ball runs off the pads for a brace
2.2 Kenneth Dember to Sunil Ambris, NO BALL! Cardinal sin from the skipper! You just can't overstep as a spinner! It was a good ball, pitching full and cramping him up for room. But it is a FREE HIT coming up
2.1 Kenneth Dember to Delorn Johnson, quicker delivery on the stumps ends up as a low full toss, drives it to long-on for a single. Ambris is on strike now
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