Janjua BRCC won by 6 wickets
Player of the match: Waseem Ahmad
Well well, some thrilling finish to this contest alright as it kept going up and down in that run-chase. Janjua were in control but were unser some pressure in the middle and once again, took this till the very end where they could have done it a lot earlier. Going hard in the powerplay eventually helped them here and they will take this win as they progress to the Qualifier. Their bowlers did a decent job and the batters backed them up as well.

Five wins in a row for Janjua now and they are riding high on confidence going further in this tournament on finals day. Brescia cc hyad a good finish with the bat and gave themselves an opportunity alright. Although, that powerplay really put them under pressure and they did comeback well in the middle, but just did not have enough to play with at the end.

They have performed well and will be disappointed with this as it just wasn't their game. That is the end of the road for them and they will go no further in this tournament then. Finals day has only begun and we have already had an exciting contest here. Who will join Janjua in the second qualifier? Stay tuned to find out as we bring you all the action and plenty more right here.

This has been Bidipto and myself (Rishab) as we sign off for the moment. Have a great weekend folks!
Done and dusted. That will ease the nerves for Janjua and they are through eventually. They made it difficult for themselves in the end but it doesn't matter as they get over the line. A job well done and that is the end for Brescia! 
9.4 Nadjibullah Yasser to Waseem Ahmad, THAT WILL DO IT! Fuller on middle-and-leg and this gets hit away very nicely in the gap towards the deep square-leg fence for FOUR to win the match! Janjua Brescia progress to Qualifier 2!
9.3 Nadjibullah Yasser to Waseem Ahmad, good length ball outside off, angling across and the shot through off gets missed! 
9.2 Nadjibullah Yasser to Nasir Mehmood, good length ball on middle, tapped to mid-wicket off the back foot for one.
9.1 Nadjibullah Yasser to Waseem Ahmad, full on off-and-middle, hit away powerfully to square-leg, for a quick single, off the crease.
Nadjibullah Yasser comes back into the attack
This has been a brilliant over from Imran Naveed under pressure. Well, is this game going down to the wire then? Just a couple of runs off the penultimate over and he has given Brescia the slightest of chances again here. What a chase this has been. Down to the final over then. 5 more needed! 
82 /4 score
cricket bat icon Waseem Ahmad
22 (14)
cricket bat icon Nasir Mehmood *
6 (7)
cricket ball icon Imran Naveed
0 /2
8.6 Imran Naveed to Nasir Mehmood, short and wide outside off and again, the cut shot gets missed on the back foot! Dot ball to finish the over.
8.5 Imran Naveed to Nasir Mehmood, good length ball just outside off and a swing and a miss! Dot ball.
8.4 Imran Naveed to Nasir Mehmood, short over off-and-middle and the pull shot gets missed on the back foot! No run.
8.3 Imran Naveed to Waseem Ahmad, good ball outside off, a bit wide, and hit to long-off's left off the front foot for a run.
8.2 Imran Naveed to Waseem Ahmad, good length ball outside off, it seams away, and the big swing to leg gets missed! Dot ball.
8.1 Imran Naveed to Nasir Mehmood, fuller outside off and firmly struck to mid-off on the front foot for one.
Imran Naveed comes into the attack
Janjua Brescia have all but sealed this game to say the least now. This is just what they needed and Waseem Ahmad has hit some big blows here. Brescia are running out of runs to play with here. Intelligent cricket from the batting side this. A good over for them and they are just a hit or two away. 7 more off 12 needed! 
0 /0 score
cricket ball icon Sajid Khan Afridi
7.6 Sajid Afridi to Waseem Ahmad, fuller outside off, it swings away late and there is a swing and a miss, there is a throw back to the bowler from the keeper, and there is a fumble in the collection, but that does not result in a single.
7.5 Sajid Afridi to Waseem Ahmad, full on middle, drilled down the ground to long-on this time for a well run two once again!